Just recently I woke up and had the WORST day!  My head was aching, my energy was very low, my body was fatigued, I was moody, and I didn’t feel like doing anything except for sleeping most of the morning.  It was the beginning of a new season for the Earth and also in my life.  It was time for rebirth and my mind and body were definitely feeling the new changes.  One thing you may not be aware of is that planetary and atmospheric energy and seasonal change affect some people more than others.  This day was definitely a different feeling type of day.


I decided not to be SUPER holistic health coach that day and go for a long drive to reflect on the past and think about opening a new chapter in my life.  If you’ve read previous blog articles you probably know by now that I am in a unique transitional period in my life based entirely on living my truth and following my heart to impact women on an international scale.  As a matter of fact, it became very apparent the previous night that I am shedding old energy and purging toxic ideas, people and things in order to cocoon into a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  This realization, although a good thing, also zapped some of my energy.  The next morning I did not feel like doing anything more than thinking and thinking some more.  I know that some people say that overthinking kills action.  But the only desire and energy I had in my body that day was to sleep and think.  My excess energy went to reaching out to my favorite social media mastermind 10x peer group (my family) and sharing that I was having a TERRIBLE day!


Did Everyone Else Need Some Self-Care Too?


Little to my surprise there were a few other usually high vibe friends of mine who were also experiencing a low mood that day and thanked me for sharing my experience because they thought they were the only ones going through growth pains.  These are individuals who are usually very high energy and encouraging to their community and they too were experiencing moodiness and energy depletion.  This just goes to show that even the most motivating people around you experience off days and that it simply means that we are imperfect humans who are trying our best at life too.


How Doing Nothing Revived Me


Anyway, this day I decided that I was going to put my work to the wayside and simply focus on my own self-care, which included relaxing and feeling every bit of emotion that came to me that day rather than fighting it.  I figured that if I fought it and just forced myself to deny the negative emotions that it would probably resurface as stress or an outburst later on.  I decided to rest in the emotions and even indulged on a few Reese’s Peanut Butter cups that maybe I didn’t need to consume in excess.  The number of sugar grams in those Reese’s peanut butter cups was the LAST thing on my mind that day and guess what?  Those sugar grams didn’t even add a pound to my frame.  So, I’m glad I comforted myself the way I wanted to that day instead of forcing myself to be Wonder Woman.


The most significant thing I discovered during this process was that we often feel like we are the only ones experiencing less- than-productive, fatigued, or lazy days when in all actuality the body sometimes just needs time to rest and refresh.  That day I allowed things that bothered me from the night before to just bother me as I looked for the lesson in the situation.  While looking for the lesson I also discovered that I can learn how to better empathize with my community of ladies when they tell me that they want to skip the gym or skip eating healthy an entire day just because they don’t feel like it.  If someone had told me that day that I needed to eat veggies, drink water, and go to the gym or else I didn’t love myself I would have looked them straight in the face and said, “Oh, well!  I guess I don’t then.”  And then I would’ve proceeded to eat my Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and maybe even would’ve sarcastically asked them if they want one too (smile).


I make a strong effort to not make my ladies follow a strict diet or fitness plan, take some days off if it is necessary, and cut them some slack if it is a particularly challenging day.  But now I see on an even deeper level that sometimes people need even more time than they initially intended to just wallow in their emotions if they want to.  I believe that if I did not use that day to wallow in my emotions I probably wouldn’t have woken up the next morning feeling amazing and wouldn’t have produced as much as I did in the days to follow.  I believe that I would have had at least two or three subpar days in a row and maybe would’ve even brought more people down with me in the process as I sulk.


So, today I’d like to just make a couple of quick words of encouragement.  One person told me to think about the fact that not every day is a good day, but there is good in every day.  And another person told me to just enjoy being human for a day rather than be a savior to ladies who will still function just fine without me that day.  I learned that this experience was just a moment in time and that life actually did go on just fine even without me feeling my best.  I also quickly discovered that I have a small group of extended friends, who I call family, to help me when I’m not feeling my best. Even a couple of people who I’m not very close to reached out after they heard about my day and was able to provide me with words of encouragement.


I want that for you too.  If you are EVER lacking social and/or emotional support and want a community of women to support you when others may be too busy you can find that team of women in my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group community.  It only takes one courageous transparent post for you to discover that you may have more support than you thought you had and others will also see that they are not alone in their struggles.  We all need each other’s support to grow into our best selves and I believe there is always at least one person to help you through your struggle if you just know where to look and simply ask for some encouragement.


Let’s make the best of our circumstances and continue to empower and encourage one another so that we can continue to be great and ROCK this world together!


Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to share this article with those who sometimes struggle with dealing with emotional pain by themselves and would like to form new connections to help them heal too.


To Our Health & Happiness,