There must be more to life than this,” I thought.

I clearly remember sitting at my cubicle desk one Friday afternoon around 3pm, munching on my butter popcorn at my great paying job, with some really cool colleagues and… being unfulfilled. Sure my schedule was pretty flexible. It needed to be that way in order to accommodate my lifestyle of parenting children who were under the age of five at the time. I needed to be able to be there for their early developmental years and my flexible schedule afforded me that opportunity.

Sounds great right? Wrong. I was at a job that’s sole purpose in my life was to basically serve a paycheck, when what I really needed was to be served vibrancy, life, and fulfillment. My job at that time gave me very little satisfaction in each of those areas. How could it? I was stuck in a holding pattern of going to my job day after day, and “can’t” “waiting” my life away. You know what I’m talking about. “I can’t wait for the holidays,” “I can’t wait for my vacation,” or “I can’t wait for the weekend.” I found myself saying those things all too often, because anything involving NOT being at my job was what I looked forward to.

That’s the norm for so many ladies, but I knew I needed to change that. I wanted to LIVE. And not just for the weekend, but for every day, every second, every moment. I wanted to enjoy every single part of my life.  Little did I know that enjoyment would derive from being a holistic career and wellness coach.

Living as a Holistic Career & Wellness Coach


Seriously.  If someone would’ve told me that I would be a holistic career & wellness coach when I was younger, I would have simply looked at them with a blank stare and said, “What kind of job is that?  Is it even real?”

Once I identified that I wanted to impact lives as a holistic career & wellness coach and help women to love themselves inside and out, while also pursuing their life purpose I became excited about life!  I made a career change to become an entrepreneur. I no longer met the social norm of going to my safe 9-5 job just so that I could buy cute outfits and material things that lacked real meaning to me.  Instead, my desire was to live a life I loved, this became my source of strength.   I steadily created a ripple effect of passion to women in my local community and across the seas.  These women that I helped inspire, began to also embrace the notion that meaning and purpose is necessary if we are to give love, understanding and attention to the people who need it the most.

Can you relate to how I felt working that boring 9-5 job? Does it feel like your job is slowly sucking the energy out of you? Maybe you would love to escape, but you don’t know where to turn, and you don’t know how to get started.  You may be wondering if you need to return to school to earn another degree, certificate, or continuing education credits.  You may be thinking, “How on Earth will I even find time to make the sacrifice to further my education?”, “Who will take care of the children while I study?”, and “What if I can’t find a job when I’m finished?”

You CAN Start a Fulfilling Lifestyle Too!


There are so many factors that run through our heads when it’s time to transition to living a better and more meaningful life. Most of us get stuck at the fear stage.  That fear sometimes stems from the thought that things may not turn out the way we would like them to be after having given our time, money and energy to what we are pursuing.

But what if I told you that FEAR actually stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and fear is holding you back from living a life you were meant to fulfill?  What if there are people who need your exact gifts, talents, personality and presence in order to leave the darkness they are living in and propel them into the Marvelous light of living meaningfully on their own?

Stop Fearing – Start Living: Your Health, Career, and Wellness Depend on It!


Many of us are stuck in fear of the unknown and it’s slowly killing our spirits.  Not only is it killing our spirits, but it’s also affecting our health, relationships, and sense of joy.  We can’t possibly be the BEST version of ourselves if we are just barely making it through the day.

I invite you to walk with me as I share more about my journey of leaving an unfulfilling, mundane corporate job and becoming a world change agent through the realm of health, wellness and career purpose.  Sharing my success as a holistic career and wellness coach has afforded me the opportunity of transforming young, modern women’s lives and I want to do the same with you.  I’ll share many of my BEST kept secrets to maintaining a low-stress lifestyle that I love, my joys, my disappointments and how you and I can continue to identify the things that raise our vibration on this earth so that we can discover our passions and live meaningfully and purposefully.

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A fulfilling lifestyle isn’t just for a few select women.  It’s for ALL of us!

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