“I attract people who embrace authenticity and self-improvement and aren’t afraid to showcase it.”


That’s a statement that came to my mind recently. As a holistic health coach who specializes in helping women all around the world to enhance their life purpose and create a sense of meaning for themselves I embrace authenticity and self-improvement. One of the key words in that sentence is self-improvement. I am generally more attracted to people who are self-aware and are open to learning more about themselves than those who would prefer to sit around and complain about their life all day. And I absolutely love authentic and perseverant people who would rather be so focused on their own growth that they prefer not to engage in spreading negativity. And I’m emphatically in love with people who want to show the world how they are true to self while minimizing their ego in order to spread more love.

When I recently reached out to one of my mentors I began to think about all of the self-awareness and self-development that has occurred in my life in just a six month period. I still have plenty of room to grow. But I celebrate my baby steps too! I also began to think about all of the growth that has occurred in my client’s lives. They’ve literally changed so much that some of them are now leaders in their own circle of influence. If you haven’t been following all of my blog entries, collaborate closely with me as an ongoing client or completed my 30-Day Be More Don’t Settle online course you may not fully understand what I’m referring to. But that’s ok. I’ll be around for a while and it’s not too late for you to catch up.

When I’m working with ladies we talk about EVERYTHING under the sun that may be impacting and impeding their growth. Because I’ve engaged in plenty of behaviors that could be frowned upon by others I also attempt to keep an open-mind in one-on-one dialogue with them. You can work with me closely and/or enroll into any of my courses whenever you are ready for the beginning of a total life transformation and I’ll tell you all about how I totaled a friend’s mom’s car, almost got run over by a truck while under the influence, had fun at a swinger’s club even though I’m not a swinger, and other crazy stories. You’ll also have a special opportunity to hear some of the special nuggets I’ve collected from my mentors over the years that I enjoy sharing so that people can blossom.


Self-Reflection Works


Today I’m going to share just a few things I’ve reflected on so far this year. First of all, I’ve taken a close look at what bothers me in my life and how I can add love and value to these areas. These days I prefer to spread positive messages and be available as a source of encouragement and light but also accept that everyone grows at different rates. I prefer not to spend significant amounts of time complaining considering that I have full control over who and what I allow in my life. So, if I find myself on the side of endless complaining I ask myself what I’m going to do about it to improve the situation. Many of the things we’re triggered by stem from our own subconscious beliefs, some of them stemming from childhood and learned cultural behavior. One thing that sometimes bothers me is when I see groups of people bashing each other for their religious, political, and lifestyle beliefs. Maybe I’m too free-spirited or maybe I just think that everyone deserves respect. I choose to not engage in behaviors that add more hate into the world. There’s plenty of that already in some people’s lives than for me to add unnecessary fuel to the fire.

Secondly, I’ve taken a close look at how people are adding value to my life, how I’m adding value to theirs, and how I engage in every day conversation. Many people are hurting and as I stated some conversations are adding more harm than healing. Are the people I’m engaging with having real conversations with me or just asking me about the weather or better yet… just being nosy… (haha)? If you don’t already know by now gossip and particularly small talk is not necessarily my thing unless I want the convo to turn into something more meaningful. I prefer conversations that allow for genuine human connection because gossip and small talk drains me after a while and I begin to think about all the other things I’d rather be doing. I’d rather be helping people figure out how to transform their lives into something beautiful or chillin with friends or fam at fun places, like the beach.

Third, I’ve taken a close look at how I want to show up in the world. Showing up in the world to gain vanity numbers on social media is not a priority for me. However, showing up to make a positive IMPACT is on my agenda. In case you haven’t heard me mention yet…. I ultimately help to raise human consciousness and love as part of a unique team while walking through my own peaks and valleys. My agenda is probably not your agenda, or at least not in the same way. I’m on this earth to make a difference in how we perceive this God-given life and that means that sometimes I need to move differently too. At times that means following societal expectations and norms may have to go the wayside so that a larger impact can be made. That also means that using my time to engage in things not aligned with where I’m headed is taking precious time away from potentially making the kind of impact I’m supposed to be making. You’re going to see me make decisions in the future that may appear odd (to you). But they’re going to be made because I’ll limit my growth and impact if I don’t make them.

Does this evoke fear in me sometimes? YES, YES, YES! It evokes fear because I have to relinquish personal control and surrender to a higher will. I’m used to controlling many aspects of my life while saying and doing things that are very likely to produce a result I think is best for me. I’m not as smooth at surrendering to the unknown and stepping into ambiguity. However, this year I’ve learned how to better surrender and the results have been…. nothing short of AMAZING! God’s will for me is always better.

Can I ask a favor of you today? Choose to follow my journey if you really want to grow with me. Choose to support me if you really believe the world needs healing. Choose to communicate (I don’t fully read minds yet…lol) and build a reciprocal relationship with me if you believe in our greatness because… together we are an UNSTOPPABLE force of transformation, love and peace that the world needs more of!

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