Even as a wellness and career success coach I used to glorify being busy.

This led to headaches, skin breakouts, protruding stomach, nausea, fatigue, stress, worry, lack of exercise, lack of good nutrition, and a general lack of clarity of my purpose.

Most days I felt like I was just living for the weekend because I finally got a chance to relax.

This often looked more like cleaning the house, running errands, and not fully enjoying leisurely activities because I sometimes sat in traffic to get there or stood in lines for the occasion.

However, I discovered that there was a simpler way to live in a fast-paced society that often glorifies overconsumption and busyness.


Using Social Media to Connect

Lately I started thinking about how I’m mostly on social media to network and for business.

But I was actually going to avoid being on social media for the long term not too long ago so that I can re-center myself and focus on accomplishing my big-picture wellness and career goals.

However, one thing I love about social media is that I can connect with and serve people all around the world that I wouldn’t have ordinarily known.

We can share our thoughts, lives, hurts, pain, joy, differences, and love!

Recently I read a post that I intuitively knew wasn’t telling the whole story.

So I reached out to this person and although she was fearful of responding as vulnerable as she did, she did it anyway.

Guess what occurred?

Mutual understanding, respect, and love because we share similar experiences.

Like, as she was talking to me I was like, “Wow! This is an opportunity for me to teach myself too!”

She doesn’t even live in the U.S.

We’re all on this planet to help each other.


How Being Busy Hinders Our Ability to Connect

I began to think about how when I traveled to a few third world countries the social connectedness seemed so much stronger than what we have in the U.S.

I began to think about how the people I accosted had very little in terms of material possessions yet still had so much.

They had familial support.

They had love.

They had camaraderie.

When I returned to the U.S from some of these countries I noticed an instant shift in attitude, closeness, and support.

Everything seemed so superficial and separate in comparison.

It seemed like people were bogged down with acquiring more material possessions.

I actually enjoy material items, especially new clothing fashion.

I’m big on aesthetics and beauty.

I also love luxury.

Luxury can be very beautiful.

If you can afford it go ALL out on luxury if you desire it.  I believe it’s beautiful to have and experience.

But I began to wonder what it would be like to live with fewer material possessions and focused more on enjoying quality experiences instead.

For example, activities like enjoying beautiful nature and traveling to new places, even if it was just getting lost in my own city.

I discovered that every time I gave away possessions I never missed them.

I discovered that I actually felt more free without them.

I still own many material possessions.  But I can honestly say that if a flood or fire took away my stuff I’d still be fine.

With this in mind I’ve been giving away stuff that no longer serves me.

It’s sometimes difficult to give away stuff that I believe holds meaning.  So I still have plenty of stuff.

But guess what?

The hardest things for me to give away aren’t even items I think about having anymore.

Isn’t that interesting?

The things I held onto didn’t even matter once they were gotten rid of.

Why do we keep buying stuff that rarely gets used, doesn’t bring joy past a few days, and adds to our debt and stress level?

What would it be like to begin to declutter the things that no longer serve us?

Those are some questions I ask myself each day as I continue to purge.

This has been one of the BEST things I’ve done to regain clarity and organization in my mind.

I even feel lighter spiritually.

Not to mention that the less we own the less we have to clean.

What are your thoughts?  Which room of your home would you start de-cluttering first?

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