“A predetermined course of events.”  That’s the definition I found online as I was wondering why this word kept coming up in movies, songs, conversations, and random thoughts in my head over several days.


Do you believe in destiny?


I believe that some big picture societal events are predetermined to occur, but I also believe in free will.  I believe that some people will choose to take steps toward an end goal and some will believe they are not equipped to handle the obstacles and journey and give up.  When those people give up I believe that others will step in to carry out the mission.  No one is ever forced to carry out a purpose or mission.  That’s where free will comes into play.


Releasing a State of Flow versus Control


I’ve been thinking lately about how, as a holistic health coach I am carrying out my purpose for the betterment of humanity.  Sometimes I wonder if people assume that I wake up in the morning with this ultimate plan of how I should run my day.  The truth is that most days I don’t know exactly what I’m going to focus on and who I’m going to impact.  I just know that I’m simply going to make an impact and that it will be great and cause a ripple effect.  I’ve given up needing to know every single detail of how my life is going to flow.  That perspective is draining to me now.  I just want to live according to where my heart directs me, even if it’s not what I initially had planned for myself.  That feels more authentic, free and light to me.  It also feels less forced.


I didn’t used to be this way.  I used to want to control and manipulate situations in my favor.  That approach didn’t always feel light.  As a matter of fact, it felt like I had to try harder with my own effort to produce a result that could be attained in a more efficient and simpler way.  It felt like I had to hustle too hard, feel drained and make things happen that didn’t even produce a desirable result.


I still believe I can make things happen.  I manifest things I want to happen and desire very frequently.  Except now I believe that I can make things happen by aligning to my purpose, surrendering and living in a state of flow.  Does this mean that I sit back and do absolutely nothing with my time except for laying on the beach all day?  Get real!  Let’s not be naïve.  No!  It doesn’t mean that.  It means that I do the things that I’m drawn to do in the moment and find other people to help me with some of the stuff that suck the light and energy out of me.


Have you chosen this approach to life yet?  Do you find it too difficult to let go of stuff that drains you so that you can live a more purposeful life?  Would you even know where to start or does the thought of discovering your purpose and relinquishing control drain you?


Getting Unstuck and Coming Back to Our Core Self


When I feel stuck in life I often say to myself, ”Ebonie, you’re trying too hard to make something happen that’s not even necessarily the best for you.  So, let go and flow instead!”  When I do this I notice that things that are “supposed” to occur in my life happen with less effort and quicker than I had initially intentioned.  It’s kinda fun to see my life play out as I take this approach!  Instead of worrying, overextending myself and being scatter brained I’m learning to live more in the moment and just enjoy life where I’m at while having FULL faith in knowing that I am where I’m supposed to be, helping who I’m supposed to help, connecting with who I’m supposed to connect with, and impacting how I’m supposed to make an impact!  I know that everything will ALWAYS come to fruition in the best way possible.


I want to teach you just ONE method I’m using to achieve this daily state of flow in my popular 21-Day Stress Reboot self-paced online courseLadies who have taken this course often say things like, “I thought this was going to be a course about yoga, pilates, and/or meditation.  But now I see that it’s really about identifying my core self and values in such a way that the busyness model of modern day society no longer fits who I want to be.”


I believe in LIFE transformations, not fluffy talk that just sounds good.  If you’re ready for a life transformation then come rock with me and join other positive-minded ladies in my inner circle and let’s rock this world together!!  Others will ask you what “trick” (even though it’s not a trick) you’ve found to exude such joy, happiness, and low stress even amongst ordinarily negative situations!


Thanks for reading!  Be selfless and share this with other friends and family who sometimes struggle with living their life purpose and perhaps fulfilling their destiny in a state of flow.


I believe in your greatness!


To Our Health & Happiness,