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When I'm not eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, savoring Red Velvet Cake, drinking Moscato, jumping on trampolines, discovering new cultures, EXPLORING the WORLD, keeping my body fit and haute, enjoying sunsets and being mesmerized by dolphins and the beach I am meeting AMAZING purpose-driven women all around the world!
I am absolutely honored to share women’s experiences and influence busy career women all around the world.  My passion and mission is to help millions of modern career women identify their life's purpose, get haute, fit and kick stress to create a body and lifestyle they love!
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I absolutely LOVE meeting new positive-minded people.  So, if you are also interested in sharing your experiences, story, and perspectives on living our God-given Purpose, women’s health and/or know another lady who this message resonates with contact me at ebonie@simplicityhealthstyle.com.
I believe in your UNIQUE Greatness!
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Coach Ebonie | Sydney Shares How Her Chronic Hip Pain at Age 25 Made Her Initially Feel UnHeard




Coach Ebonie | Rubi Relinquishes Control and Leaves Corporate America to Flourish in her Passion





Coach Ebonie | Shirley Shares her Path from Buddhism to Christianity and Inner City Youth Project




Coach Ebonie | Amanda, 21 Year Old Author of Be-Coming Shares How She Rose from Low Self-esteem






Coach Ebonie | Veronika, former U.S Miss Teen Pennsylvania 2005 Shares Career Mom Challenges




Coach Ebonie | Octavia Shares How to Handle Rejection and Create New Opportunities for Ourselves




Coach Ebonie | Anastasia’s Depression and Perfectionism Allowed Her to Discover a New Strength




Coach Ebonie | How Yasmin's Traumatic Hospitalization Pushes Her Into Living Out Her Passion





Coach Ebonie | Noa Travels the World While Building a Business and Life She Loves






Coach Ebonie | Jessica Shares Her Overwhelm with Tending to Others and How Saying No is Self-Care





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