Ahhhh!  Imagine soaking your feet in a warm foot spa, getting an amazing leg massage while sipping wine and listening to soft music in the background.  Or, laying on a massage table enjoying a deep tissue massage with vanilla scented candles all around you and enjoying the moment as all of your tense muscles begin to relax from the week’s stressors.  Or, perhaps just sitting on your patio feeling the morning breeze lightly touch your skin while you sip some sweet honey-dipped lemon tea.  These are just some of the self-care indulgences I’ve experienced and also share with others as a healthy lifestyle coach who teaches ladies to kick stress and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

We hear the term “self-care” thrown around, but sometimes wonder what to do for our own self-care.  Every day we wake up we are inundated with requests from our families, jobs, and friends.  Every time we say “YES!  I’ll help you!” we are taking time away from spending time with ourselves.  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with attending to these requests as long as you feel good about doing it.  However, if the load of requests begin to consistently interfere with your ability to think clearly and navigate this world with decreased stress then it may be time to say “NO” to certain things and maybe even figure out a way to add more self-care to your own life.


Self-Care for Growth


Why is this important you may ask?  Well, what I’ve found over the years is that ladies often express to me that they’re finding it increasingly difficult to identify what lights them up and how they can use their talents and expertise to serve others in a way that is rewarding and fulfilling.  Oftentimes when they discover what lights them up and then begin to add these rewarding activities into their day their challenges are minimized.  The things that used to bother them the most dissipate and they learn how to shift their perspective regarding life’s ups and downs.

You may have heard about how horrible it used to be for me to work an unfulfilling corporate job while struggling to figure out techniques to minimize my stress and become more self-aware.  After identifying why I was so stressed and why I had little to no energy to invest in doing things that actually lit me up I went through a series of exercises that began to open up my eyes to a new way of approaching life.  This unique approach is mind-boggling to some people at first because they’re so used to living life the way that the majority of the population in their corner of the world does.  Learn more about what I mean by that by clicking here to visit that part of my journey.  We’ve all heard the quote “misery loves company”.  Don’t be one of those people who are quick to complain to your entourage about how much stress and frustration you have on a daily basis, but refuse to at least take baby steps to minimize it.  You don’t need to move quickly.  Just put one foot in front of the other.


Differing Forms of Self-Care


I interviewed a lady named Lenora for my YouTube series not too long ago who is a strong proponent of self-care and even goes as far as addressing how some of the food we eat can influence our decision-making and even negatively impact the clarity we are seeking in order to focus on what lights us up.  Prior to becoming a new mom she was a workaholic and had to learn how to provide herself with the care her body deserves in order to be the best mother she can be toward her child.  I can relate to her message because before my own children were born I ate pretty much whatever processed foods I wanted and barely exercised and it wasn’t until I discovered how much energy I needed to work a full-time job and keep up with them that I began to listen to my body and change things in my environment in order to keep my sanity.  The interesting thing is that once I started treating my body with more care I started to thrive in other areas of my life more quickly.  Listen to Lenora’s interview here as she shares her story of workaholism and even temporary isolation as a new mom while transitioning to a life that embodies self-care and gratitude.

Always remember that self-care is special and whatever you decide is the best way to provide yourself with what you need to fill your cup is just right for you.  As the old saying goes, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”  So just choose an activity that makes you feel good and do it!  This may look like going to the gym every single day, painting pictures, dancing, taking walks, decorating your house, gardening, baking, cooking, sewing, meditating, praying, singing, coloring, writing a play, gardening, etc.  Just choose something that feels great and lights you up!

I’m always looking for new people to connect with and would love to know more about what type of self-care you enjoy in the comments section below.  I love frequenting the beach, enjoying nature, dancing in the mirror (haha), taking pictures, traveling the world to explore new cultures, engaging in physically active activities and frequenting new restaurants.  I’d love to expand my list to include some activities that you enjoy too to give myself more variety!  I look forward to what you have to share with me!


Thanks for reading!


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