An Ambitious Women Should Never Sacrifice Any Aspect Of Her Life- Especially Well-Being!

Are you like many purpose-driven women that consistently let your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being slide? Perhaps you are a busy professional career woman, academic learner or aspiring entrepreneur! You have a vision that you want to bring to fruition- or perhaps you are hesitant and push it away to the back of your mind because you keep procrastinating? At times, you may feel you have everything handled, but then that exhaustion creeps up on you again. You told yourself you would start working toward your wellness, career and lifestyle goals LAST year, but now it’s THIS year. It’s impossible to hold down the fort 100% of the time, especially when you have been letting your health and well-being lessen while managing other areas of your life. Ongoing, unnecessary extreme StREsS is not a cute look nor feel in my book.

Many women who have busy hectic lives end up SETTLING into an existence of feeling exhausted, foggy, scatterbrained- and allowing their goals vanish. Often, it is especially the stress from balancing work and family that lets them think that it’s okay to settle and give up their WELLNESS and DREAMS. After they snap out of it and wake up from this illusion, they realize how much they missed out on. How many years passed by and they were only settling for the status quo. I’ve settled at times too. Sometimes being complacent seems like the best option in the moment. Most of the time I am uncomfortable with being complacent for too long though. My natural personality is to explore and try new things and I get bored with the mundane. Embrace me in conversation for a bit and you’ll understand better what I mean by that (haha).

It just depends on when you will decide to stop tolerating this lifestyle. For me, it came sooner rather than later. My improved well-being journey started when I was in my 20’s, and is the primary reason why I became devoted to helping woman harness their potential and take control of their lives again! I work with women who start out in situations exactly like yours but are finally able to transcend their self-limiting blocks with my help.

As a Wellness-Based Career Consultant, I specialize in delivering engaging and customizable coaching sessions, retreats and women empowerment events. I have a listening ear and the behavioral expertise and tools to ask the right questions that help you discover why you are truly not taking action and/or making progress. We break down the roadblocks as well as myths that may have been instilled into you since childhood about your health. Coaching is my calling. It’s what I love to do.

My clients all surpass their goals because I provide support, a framework, accountability, expert knowledge and guidance to help them balance the physical, mental, emotional spiritual and career aspects of their lives.

Maybe you think a coach is a counselor, a guide. Someone who understands you, motivates you, advises you. I do so much more than that. I provide time management and visual and interactive tools for you. I have a desire to applaud your success, a wide network to help provide you with additional support, specific strategies, techniques, methods and resources that I share with my clients. We work together, step-by-step. The results are fast paced, but we work together in a steady way so that you are not overwhelmed, allowing you to make permanent habit changes.

If your priority is to make enhanced, wellness, career and lifestyle changes you need a genuine and certified health/career coach that understands the driving forces behind human behavior, not just any coach. ALTHOUGH YOU MAY NOT REALIZE IT, WELL-BEING AND CAREER SUCCESS ARE MUTUALLY INTERTWINED IN A HUGE WAY. That is why the holistic approach I offer addresses ALL areas of your life, centering around your body, mindset and your career.

You can plod along for years starting over and over again each week and thinking that investing in a coach is not worth it, because you can do it on your own. But the truth is that you haven’t done it on your own. It’s not your fault either. Studies consistently show that accountability increases success when it comes to personal and professional goals. This is why thousands of people look to coaches nowadays, to provide that accountability. Since I am not perfect I also empathize with you when you faulter, stall and stumble. It’s ok to take breaks and faulter. I will help you get back on track.


Maybe you think that you can get all the info you need from books or online. Why are you still struggling then? Open yourself up to somebody who understands what you are going through and all that you have to juggle. Trust me, if anyone knows, IT’S ME. Creating better work-life balance is not always easy when living in a society that seems to always be pulling you in multiple directions.

Wellness is the basis for any changes or goals you have in your life. It determines what and how much you can accomplish.

You can go on for years trying to figure it out or let me help to provide the framework and roots for you to ground yourself and take on your career and life holistically. In retrospect, your time with me will have been a huge turning point for what would become the rest of your life. Let’s work together and make leaps and bounds in your awareness, growth and commitment, allowing you to fully step into your power and go after your big picture career and lifestyle dreams using your God-given gifts in a healthier and more purposeful way.

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