What are you telling yourself?

I asked this question to several people recently and while some people were able to spew out positive affirmations that they tell themselves like it was nothing others had difficulty sharing their thoughts.  Why is it so difficult for some people to speak kindly of themselves and share it with others?  Even though I’ve been trained in lifespan development as a certified holistic health coach and career coach I’m not so sure I know the answer to that.  But what I do know is that whether one is prompted to or not, they may benefit from speaking to themselves in a way that raises their mental and emotional health.  There are PLENTY of critics that will downplay who we are.  So, why not be our own best friend and tell ourselves that we are “all that and a bag of chips”?

The Power of Believing in Yourself


I actually believe I am a phenomenal woman.  At the age of 20 a few people at my retail grocery store job used to say “She walks around like she’s so confident”.  I’m not ALWAYS confident in my abilities, especially when something is brand new to me.  But I believe that I have an incredible mind, body, and soul.  I’m not waiting on some random person to come around the corner and tell me that I’m phenomenal.  I’m also not waiting on someone to come around the corner to tell me that I’m worthy.  I believe that I am worthy simply because I was created to be worthy and all I needed to do after birth was just live in my purpose.  I AM living in my purpose.  Favor follows me EVERYWHERE I go and I AM worthy.

But this isn’t really about me right now.  This is about YOU.  Are you staying in YOUR lane or are you drifting over to MY lane to see what I’m up to? Are you trying to figure ME out?  Are you stalking me?  Are you wishing you could have what I have without even knowing half of the sacrifices I’ve had to make?  Are you wishing you could have what your neighbor has?  Are you wishing that you could just figure out what the missing parts to your puzzle are and then you’d be happy?

Well, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to STOP focusing on external people, things, ideas, future events and/or catastrophes and focus on YOURSELF right now in this moment!  Stop focusing on someone else’s purpose and define your own.  You will NEVER be like someone else.  You can only be YOU.  So, get real with yourself and define WHO that person is.  Copy me or someone else and you will end up wondering why you didn’t succeed.  It’s because you have a different path to follow, but you refuse to discover what that path is.  Yes, you may give lip service and act like you’re thinking about and following your path.  But are you really?  Only YOU can answer that honestly.

Gaining Confidence in Yourself


So, what exactly is the first step in following that path?  Well, it starts with you being aware that you’re not where you want to be in life and recognizing that it’s going to take some self-reflection and intrinsic work to discover who is hiding under all of the layers that BS society has brainwashed you to believe.  It takes having a burning desire to be MORE and do MORE.

I haven’t arrived.  Although I believe that I am a phenomenal woman I still have PLENTY of room to grow.  I still have plenty of opportunity to teach others to live a magnificent life that matches the best version of themselves.  I still have plenty of room to learn from my mentors.  I also still have plenty of opportunity to find support in areas that I struggle in.  I could not have become a successful holistic health coach if I had not sought out people who are well-qualified to help me put together the pieces behind the scenes to ensure that women all across the world can learn from me and connect with me in an efficient, effective, and genuine manner.  Well, I could’ve done it.   But I probably would’ve been burnt out, had wrinkles, gray hair, and bags under my eyes.  I like to look cute!  That’s not the image I want to portray when I walk in the streets to represent my Simplicity Healthstyle brand.  Nope!  Not happening!  You probably don’t want to attach that image to yourself either.

Since I am so sure that you can experience joy in a chaotic world I want to invite you to participate in an international movement with other women and I by learning how to love yourself to the point where you know exactly who you are and are not afraid to express that authenticity wholeheartedly.  Today I invite you to join my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group to connect with me and I will explain how you can surpass your wildest dreams by discovering your passions in my 30-Day Be More Don’t Settle online course.  I’m excited to see how you develop and create a ripple effect not only in your family and small community but also across the world!

Thanks for reading!  Be selfless and don’t forget to share this article with friends and/or family who sometimes lose direction and need genuine encouragement to get back on track.

To Our Health & Happiness,