What if I told you that in order to work with me as your healthy lifestyle coach, you’d have to give up ALL of the foods and drinks you enjoy?  Would you want to begin eating healthy or would you be more likely to continue eating the same foods you do now?  My guess is that after years and/or decades of eating highly processed foods you probably would not easily give up eating all of your favorite desserts, pastas, rice dishes, coffee and cappuccino with extra sugar, and all the other delicacies you enjoy.

How do I know?  Well, because I’ve worked with a lot of busy women who do not enjoy eating 100% healthy with absolutely no indulgences.  Can it be done?  Sure!  Will you be happy and fulfilled after doing it?  Only YOU can answer that question honestly.  

Before Health Came First

You may already be aware that I used to drink all flavors of kool-aid with extra sugar in it for hydration .  You may also be aware that I used to eat cherry cheese danishes like they were going out of style.  I ALSO used to eat Little Debbie brand treats every single day as part of my school lunch.  I did this even though I was NOT addicted to sugar and would actually prefer salty and spicy food over sweet foods.  So, if I could do this without even having strong cravings how much more would a woman who is pressed for time in the mornings and can only grab a sugary pastry or creamy coffee to get her day started?  For this woman, giving up her sugar beverage is next to saying, “Just go ahead and kick me as hard as you can in the stomach.”  I’m basically saying that it is sometimes a painful process to experience.

When you’ve been eating highly processed foods for years it can be difficult to quit cold turkey.  Some of the ladies in my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook community have said that when they were either diagnosed with a chronic health condition or when they connected their health to spirituality it was easier for them to decide to change their eating habits.  This is because they decided to value their quality of life over their reasons for not being able to achieve a healthier state of being.

When Health Became Priority

But what if you need help breaking up with an unhealthy relationship with toxic food and have no clue where to even begin?  When I first started to eat healthy I perused online resources, asked health experts lots of questions, used my rational mind to decipher legitimate health info from sub-par health info, and enrolled in a certification program where I learned over 100 dietary theories.  All of this, in addition to my health science college graduate level education prepared me to help ladies use preventative measures to acquire and sustain renewed health rather reactively responding to a preventable health diagnosis.

Today, I’m not going to explain the difference between an apple, orange, banana, and donut to you.   I think you already know this basic health information.  I just want you to think about the sick people in your family who eat more highly processed foods than not and ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to reverse your own health decision-making ability.  I certainly have family members who are obese, have died from chronic health conditions and are addicted to highly processed foods.  Many of them don’t even realize that this is not supposed to be normal.  These health conditions are actually preventable in many cases, if only they had enough desire and know-how to eat, exercise, and take care of their well-being.

So, today and every day we ALL have a choice of how we want to live.  I’d rather extend and enhance my quality of life so that my family doesn’t have to come visit me in the doctor’s office and hospital and can enjoy me being around for a long time.  I also LOVE how energized I feel most days and prefer to not spend my days sluggish, fatigued, bloated, and moody.  Since this is my goal I’m committed to continuing to research and implementing some of the best health practices I can find.  If no one else in your circle enjoys doing that, you can always count on me to guide you as your personal virtual holistic health coach.  I’m here for you when you’re ready to finally make steps forward to being your best healthy self.


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