As a driven and passionate healthy lifestyle coach I’m often networking and collaborating with other leaders in my local community and abroad.  Just recently I was invited to interview with an incredible, multi-passionate woman that I’ve known for a couple of years.

Vanessa of  

Through much adversity and health challenges, she continues to maneuver her way through life with a purpose.

Twice, I was supposed to connect via podcast with this lovely lady, who resides in Norway and discuss the differences between the mindset of action-takers and the mindset of snoozers and how one of them propels our health to the next level.

But we’ve had to delay our collaborative efforts so she can heal from serious health issues.

Imagine being dizzy for hours, having little to no energy due to a health condition, and having to stay indoors most of the time, because you’re too fatigued to go outdoors and socialize. For an extrovert, that’s torture!

However, she KEEPS ON MOVING!

What causes a person to press forward regardless of the adversity and intense circumstances in their life?

The answer to that question can vary depending on the individual, but I’ll let you in on the secret that works for me!

Motivational speakers!

You may be scratching your head right now, trying to figure out how in the world a motivational speaker can cause me to overcome the hurdles in my life. After all, the motivational speaker can’t move in with me and make tough decisions for me. But, when I listen to motivational speakers it inspires me to move forward and to strive for my dreams! In addition to listening to awesome motivational speakers, I am intentional about surrounding myself with positive people who are life’s “go-getters”!

Be sure to surround yourself with positive people! Sometimes someone can say something in a way that FINALLY triggers you into action the right way; a way that you had never even considered before.

I often find myself generating new ideas when I listen to how others are able to achieve their goals by overcoming obstacles and staying persistent and diligent.  I often say, “If they can do it with ALL of those obstacles I can too!”  I just need to make up my mind to do it.  That’s just one of the reasons I created my 30-Day Bust-Through Mindset course.  It’s because I’ve noticed that when I don’t place limitations on myself and when I act like I deserve the BEST, I also attract the best!

Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like I’ve never procrastinated on my goals or that I’ve always had the motivation to get things done;  but, what you won’t see me doing is consistently complaining about my situation and blaming everyone around me without doing my part to make an effort to improve the situation.  I don’t have it in me to sit back and feel depressed, anxious and worried over something I have the tools, knowledge, and resources to change.

I’m not here to settle.  The ladies I work with always begin to realize that they are worth so much more than settling too.  I love it when they achieve much more than they initially expected.  Some of them even decide to refer their friends to me to help support them when they’re in need of a holistic health coach.  We ALL can use some extra motivation!  So please share this article with other ladies who can benefit from learning how to attain the body and lifestyle they desire with the strategies I will discuss in my future podcast with Vanessa. Also, invite them into my super supportive Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group so that they can be the first to learn my other exclusive tips too.

Thanks for reading!


To Our Health & Happiness,