“Whatever it Takes!

Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins!

I’ll do whatever it takes cuz I love how it feels when I break the chains!

Whatever it takes!

Take me to the top!  I’m ready for whatever it takes!

Cause I Iove the adrenaline in my veins!”

-Imagine Dragons, 2017


These are part of the lyrics to a popular song on the radio that I was recently listening to.  I started thinking about the difference between those who have a “whatever it takes” attitude and those who do not.  As a healthy lifestyle coach who specializes in helping ladies maximize their life purpose and potential I am often intrigued by the ones who are in difficult situations.  Some of them have a “whatever it takes” attitude and it shows!  Inch by inch they begin to manifest their dreams into reality despite their challenging circumstances!  It’s amazing to watch their lives transform before their eyes and everyone else around them gets to observe too.

The other day I was fired up to achieve my personal goal of interviewing no less than 15 ladies in a week and allowing them to share their story for others to be inspired into taking action on their dreams too.  I haven’t uploaded and shared all of the episodes on my podcast and YouTube series yet.  But I invite you to check out the ones I have uploaded so far because I know you won’t feel comfortable with remaining stagnant in your life and it’ll help you to grow.


Growth is for All of Us


That’s what life is all about, right?  Growing and refusing to stay stagnant!  At least that’s what I believe it’s about.  No matter what your religious or spiritual background is, or lack thereof I think we can all agree that life can sometimes be challenging and that LOVE helps us to grow!  When we have quality support and LOVE in our lives to achieve our goals we can flourish as a human being.  We can change the quality of our lives simply by changing our MIND and changing our ACTIONS.

We ALL have whatever it takes!

It’s not reserved for just some people.  It’s reserved for us ALL from an indescribable SOURCE!

It’s just up to us to take advantage of being aware of our special talents and gifts and using them.

Are you using those talents and gifts yet to not only feel more fulfilled, but to also influence your perception of this world and the people you inhabit it with?

We are all in this world at the same exact time to help each other grow.  Isn’t that amazing that we get to share this experience at this point in history together?  Isn’t it amazing that we get to learn and help each other?  I help others grow by guiding them to live their lives to the fullest and in the process they are strengthening me to also live my life to the fullest.  Every single woman I connect with shares a part of themselves that I can see myself in too!  None of us are better than another.  We ALL have a “whatever it takes attitude”!  It’s inside of us for the things that personally matter to us!  There isn’t anything wrong with you just because you haven’t discovered that “thing” that gives you a “whatever it takes” attitude.  It takes time and sometimes involves removing distractions so that we can focus on our own needs so that our vision becomes crystal clear.


Special Path to Enlightenment


When I was in my 20’s  and early 30’s I didn’t think I’d ever be an online coach to empower women in different countries all around the world nor writing blog articles to a large scale audience.  In all honesty, I just wanted to look cute in the clothes I had just bought the weekend before at my corporate America job and collect a paycheck that I could spend on fun weekend activities after the immediate bills were paid (haha). I surely wasn’t thinking about EVER having a social media presence.  I also NEVER thought I’d meet some of my closest soul friends on social media and that we’d have a reciprocal relationship of inspiring each other.

I also never thought I’d be on the special path of enlightenment that I’m on.  To me, enlightenment meant that one would be become a monk (haha) and be bored in the most unusually cruel way.  No thanks!  I was NEVER asking for that kinda life.  Fortunately, I’m serving in an enlightened way and having FUN with it (without having to be a monk…lol).  If you’ve been following my journey long enough, read my blogs, engage in convo with me, and have taken my courses then you should know by now that I infuse FUN into the way I coach and share my message.  How does making a birthday hat out of bright colored paper while learning about how to follow your heart sound?  Well, that’s exactly how I infused fun into a recent presentation I made where I was a keynote speaker to an audience of some of the world’s best life transforming professionals. And if you talk to me long enough you’ll discover I’m FAR from being a monk and would prefer to talk about things like how to make butts rounder so that it can fill out a dress better (lolol).

Anyway, today I’m inviting you to learn what fires you up so that you can showcase your “whatever it takes attitude” to the world!  I’m ready to see how YOU can help me in our reciprocal relationship on this Earth!  If you’d like to know more about how I facilitate that process click here and I promise you that you will begin to transform into a creature who shares her gifts with the world.  No matter how slow you go, just START!  Start now.


I believe in your UNIQUE greatness!  Birth your greatness into the world so that we can see you shine!


Be selfless and share this message with friends and fam who sometimes struggle with identifying the fire that gives them a “whatever it takes” attitude!  I want to do “whatever it takes” with YOU!


Thanks for reading!