That’s such a dirty word to some and such an endearing word to others.


To me, it’s a simple word that reflects someone’s ongoing interest and engagement with a particular thing, idea, person, place, or circumstance.


As a holistic healthy lifestyle coach who specializes in helping women to enhance their core life purpose I often come across people who have difficulty staying committed to their health, wellness, and self-development goals.  That’s usually why they’re looking for extra support and accountability.  It’s not that they are less valuable, lazy, and undesirable people.  It may be that they just haven’t discovered that thing that motivates them to want to be committed.  Everyone can commit to something if they are motivated enough to stay committed.  The ladies who reach out to me because they lack commitment just aren’t completely sure of all of the benefits of staying committed.  Or, they view the action steps to reach the goal so undesirable that they’d rather choose to remain in their comfort zone.  We all do this in one way, shape or form by the way even the “gurus”.


Let me share an experience from my own life.  Some people look at me and think that I must be totally engrossed with working out and eating healthy because my physical appearance is youthful, smooth, free of wrinkles, and looks good in many tight-fitting clothes.  What they don’t always see is that I also actually enjoy eating Reese’s peanut cups, gummy bears, cupcakes, eating pizza many Friday’s, sometimes go to fast food restaurants just to order French fries in the middle of the night, sometimes drink high sugar beverages and eat high-sugar desserts when I go out to eat, and munch on Dorito’s or popcorn while I’m watching a rented movie on a Saturday night.  Do I do this ALL the time?  No!  Of course not!  I actually DO value my health, energy, and youthful appearance and eat plenty of healthy meals.  But because they initially assume that I eat super healthy and workout every day of the week they think that I’m going to expect perfection of them.  Oh!  By the way, I sometimes allow a full week or two to go by without doing much exercise depending on what is going on in my life.  It doesn’t happen often, but it happens!


Commitment Does Not Equal Perfection


After discovering those fun facts about me some people would say that I must not be committed to being a healthy lifestyle coach.  Others would say that I am JUST the coach for them because they know that when they drop off the healthy train for a few days that I’m not going to demean them.  How can I demean them when I fall off at times too?  Rather than beating myself up because I missed a few gym workouts or ate junk food a few times I pride myself on loving most aspects about my life and doing what I please to ensure that I’m not doing stuff just because someone else said it’s a good idea.  It needs to feel good to ME the majority of the time in some way and if it doesn’t then I’m more likely to be nonchalant about it.


That attitude translates into the activities I choose for myself regarding living a healthy lifestyle.  I mostly choose activities that I find beneficial and significantly enjoyable.  For example, I’m not going to choose to train for a marathon race or do Crossfit to stay in shape because my friends are doing so when I’d prefer to attend my local bootcamp for exercise.  I’m not going to choose a vegan diet because it sounds cool, is healthy for a certain segment of the population, and “shows that I respect animals” when I know that I LOVE to indulge on some jerk chicken, salmon, and grass-fed steak every now and then.  I’m not about making decisions to appease others while losing myself.   I’m about living to appease myself, inspire the people I’m supposed to inspire and the right people will remain in my space.


My goal is to help you discover a wide variety of savory, healthy food for your specific tastes and goals, enjoyable and effective exercises and enriching self-development tools that will help you become a better version of yourself.  I’m not here to make sure you’re perfect.  I’m here to offer support, be your cheerleader, and teach you things that you may not have ever considered or learned before to ease the process of creating a body and lifestyle you love.  I spend a lot of time researching, reading, practicing what I preach (within common sense and reason of course), and networking with others so that I can provide you with the best quality experience while building a relationship with me as your coach.


It can be a challenging process to go through when you don’t have a strong extended support system. So, I invite you to join my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group where I interact with positive purpose-driven women so that you can keep in closer contact with me.  I believe that we can do more together than apart and am always looking for ways to collaborate with other positive-minded ladies.  If you have not had an opportunity to listen to my YouTube or Podcast series where I highlight women’s success stories from all around the world please do so by clicking here if you’re an Apple mobile device user and click here if you are an Android device user.  Those are just a few ladies I’ve collaborated with in one way, shape or form.  Teamwork makes the dream work!


Thanks for reading!  Share this article with a friend or family member who needs help with staying committed to their health, wellness, and career development goals.  I’d love to include them in my circle of influence too so that we can all win together!



To Our Health & Happiness,