WHY do you want it?


Will it bring you joy, freedom, fulfillment, confidence, inclusion, peace?


Will getting it give you power, recognition, status, social status?


You may be asking what “it” is.


“It” is anything your heart desires that you decide is important, significant, and meaningful to attain.  And guess what?  “It” doesn’t have to be important to anyone else but YOU.  I say this because sometimes people believe that someone else’s desires are insignificant just because it doesn’t seem like something they’d be interested in.  For example, I attended an entrepreneur event not too long ago and I resonated with some of the speakers and thought they were speaking my language and other speakers sounded like blah, blah, blah to me.  That’s because their value system doesn’t match mine.  Their message was full of rich content and there is absolutely nothing wrong with their value system.  As a matter of fact, some of what they said inspired me to believe in the possibilities that are also available to me.  But my WHY is not their WHY and I don’t think I’d feel true to myself if I faked their motivation.  It would feel forced and quite frankly, draining to the core.  I’d give up sooner if I didn’t identify my own value system and understanding where my intrinsic drive comes from.


Busyness Sometimes Supersedes Self-Reflection


I believe that everyone has the ability to understand their intrinsic drive and apply it to making life decisions.  I don’t think they necessarily must receive external guidance to discover what that is.  All they need to do is listen to their intuition and pay attention to how they make decisions.  So, if that’s the case then why exactly do people seek me out as their holistic healthy lifestyle coach in order to enhance their core life purpose while discovering how to create a healthy body they love?  Well, what I’ve observed is that people’s lives are often very busy and instead of spending time reflecting on themselves in any significant depth they spend it going from one busy activity to the next.  Their lives are often on autopilot and by the time the day has ended from working, taking care of children, taking care of errands, and daily household responsibilities there is often not a lot of time nor energy to reflect on identifying the purpose behind all of the decisions they make in a day.


I can relate to this.  I remember when I worked for one particular job in corporate America.  My day included groggily waking up to an annoying alarm clock, sitting in traffic to drop my kids off at daycare, working long meaningless hours, picking up my children after work, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic again, sometimes rushing to pick up a few last items at the grocery store, coming home to make dinner, and get my clothes and the kid’s diaper bags ready for the next day.  It was tiresome on way too many days and the last thing I wanted to do was engage in any deep reflective work.  All I really wanted to do was find a funny television show to watch and go to bed, just to do it all again the next day.


Our Priorities Matter


Well, what I discovered over the years is that even on days where I had a full day to myself I didn’t necessarily feel like engaging in self-reflection work either.  I quickly discovered that usually if something is very important to us we will make a way.  If we don’t make a way we will often make an excuse.  Think about all of the excuses you’ve made in your own life lately.  Is it really that you lack time or is it that it just isn’t a strong priority at this time?


Not too long ago I had time in my schedule to devote to developing my , which is a pre-curser to my popular self-paced Be More Career Development online course.  These courses show you how to discover a career and life path that allows you to wake up excited about Monday’s (and every day) and I gave a lot of attention to make sure that they positively impact your life.  In the meantime, I put other important things such as organizing files on my computer and sending email updates to my email subscribers on the back burner.   I decided that those other things were not so important those few days.  The fact is that they were important.  I just didn’t prioritize doing them on those particular days, even though I had time to do so.  I take full ownership over my laziness at times.  However, I don’t beat myself up over it.  I often say to myself that the world will still revolve whether I rush to complete something today or just do it later.  I usually get important stuff done no matter what.


I think we all know that not everything needs to be prioritized at all times.  But what about when we let too much time slip away from doing the things we really want to do?  What if we keep giving ourselves excuses about why it’s ok to procrastinate with our goals and dreams?  What if we find ourselves still talking about the plans we made for ourselves years ago and discover that we’ve been holding ourselves back because we didn’t take the time to discover WHY that goal is important and what we must do to get started.


What I’ve discovered is that oftentimes people allow life to get in the way and then they find themselves waking up regretting Monday’s, living for the weekends, having an attitude with family members,  depressed because  they’re broke, and looking toward external things like drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex and relationships, and material things to provide momentary pleasure.  Then they discover that they no longer have the energy to put their dreams into motion because they can’t figure out a way to do so with all of their other responsibilities.


From my experience, you only need at least 15 solid minutes a day of focus on your dream.  If you only spent 15 minutes per day working on developing your craft look at how many minutes that would equate to by the end of the week, end of the month, and end of the year.  Break it down into 15 minute increments at first and you’ll discover that you’ll naturally want to spend even more time as you gain momentum.  But first it’s important to pinpoint WHY it is important to you.  That’s where I sometimes come in.  I help ladies discover their core life purpose by asking a series of questions that point them into the direction of understanding how they can bring their inner light to the world and do it in a way that is not overextending themselves.  You may have listened to some of these ladies’ success stories on my YouTube channel and podcast series (Apple Users Click Here and Android Users Click Here).  These are ladies who are ordinary people just like you with family challenges, financial responsibilities, confidence challenges and fears.  But they identified their core life purpose and how they want to impact their communities and committed to doing what it takes to flourish (even when they think they don’t have time).  I want the same thing for you.  But I can’t want it more than you want it for yourself.


Let’s ease the transition and explore some of your talents, skill sets, and dreams together to put a simple plan in motion so that by this time next year you barely even remember these days of perceived struggle.  Instead, you’ll be relishing in a dream come true simply because you had the courage to look deeper at your WHY and take just a few steps each day to transform your inner and outer world.


I believe in your unique greatness!


Let’s do this together!


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To Our Health & Happiness,