What does she have that I don’t have?


How do I even begin to identify what I’m good at!?

This life I’m living is sooo nerve wrecking!

Is your Career Hindering your Weight Loss?

As a holistic healthy lifestyle coach I often speak with women who are frustrated and gain weight easily because they are in careers that are not best suited for them.  Sometimes they look to others to discover their life’s purpose or best suited career.  I strongly encourage women to look within themselves to identify their life’s purpose and best suited career, but for some women that is not a practical way to begin the exploration process.

It’s sometimes not practical because some of us have been so strongly influenced by modern day norms and cultural expectations that we just don’t have a clue what that even means or where to begin with such ambiguous talk.  It seems a little too “unrealistic” and “in the clouds” for some of us.

Let’s face it!

Busy, overwhelmed moms who are spending the majority of the day walking around like a zombie with too many chores to do and too many people to care for sometimes prefer strategies that they can begin to implement in a practical manner.

What Should I do to Simplify my Career Choices?

So, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.  I’m going to share just two of MANY techniques that have worked wonders for me over the past few years while I was raising my children.

  1. First, identify at least 5 people who know you well and ask them what they perceive to be your best characteristics, skills and talents.  Tell them to include everything they can think of and write the characteristics/traits in ascending order (your best traits to less best traits).  Create a list for yourself as well.  Then, compare all of their responses to your own responses.  Do you notice any similarities?  Does anything surprise you?   Are there any insights you’ve gathered after reflecting on both sets of responses?

Many times you can begin to notice patterns in your talents and skills and begin to align them with your interests.

This brings me to my next point.

  1. If you’re unsure of your interests you could take an interest assessment and have it evaluated by a trained professional.  I’ve been certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, a personality type assessment and the Strong Interest Inventory, an interest assessment for several years.  Many overwhelmed women have found these assessments to bring some much-needed clarity to how their personality, interests, skills and talents play a role in which career options interest and suit them the most.

Clarity in these areas are generally the catalyst to a beautiful beginning with some overwhelmed ladies I’ve worked with.   They finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and find it so much easier to begin making lifestyle changes, which also includes their nutrition and exercise regimen.  Gradually, they discover that they are more fulfilled, which significantly decreases their likelihood of overindulging on things that are not the healthiest alternatives for them.

What are your thoughts about taking an interest or career assessment?  What type of career would you choose if you weren’t concerned with anyone else’s opinion of the choice?  Share it in the comments and kindly share this article with others who sometimes struggle with identifying a career they are more aligned with so that they too can begin to adopt better healthy lifestyle choices.

We ALL can improve to evolve into our BEST selves!

Thanks for reading!

To Our Health and Happiness,