Feel the burn! I did just that over the last three weeks as I participated in Burn Bootcamp, and let me just say it was an AMAZING experience!  I’m a healthy lifestyle coach, but I can’t take my physical fitness for granted. During Burn Bootcamp, I was challenged to push myself to the limit and I rose to the occasion! If you’ve never participated in such a program, I encourage you to try a boot camp style workout! You’ll learn what you’re really made of and it will broaden your fitness horizons!


Now with three weeks of Burn Bootcamp under my belt, I’m excitedly preparing for a nine day vacation! How will I maintain my fit lifestyle while on vacation? I’m glad you asked! Today I’m here with tips on how YOU, yes YOU can maintain your fit and healthy lifestyle while on vacation! It CAN be done!


Maintaining on Vacation is Easier than you Think


  • Have busy fun! Choose to visit places that require you to be physically active. For example, when I visited Bali Indonesia, my friend and I chose to visit places where we had to do a lot of walking.  We even woke up one morning and decided to take a stroll on the beach rather than laze by the pool. Not to say that anything is wrong with lazing by the pool, but we wanted to also be physically active while we explored new territory.  This allowed us to get in a few additional steps while mingling with the locals and learning a new culture. So in a nutshell, we mixed exercise with pleasure!



  • Do your homework! When selecting a hotel, be sure to do some research and choose a hotel that either has its own gym, or is close to one. When I visited Chicago, I contacted a local gym and was given a free membership while I was in town. I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of that amazing opportunity and make myself right at home!



  • Plan ahead! While there’s nothing wrong with splurging on occasion, you don’t want to splurge during your entire vacation or you’ll suddenly find yourself in a major fitness setback and you don’t want that! So be sure to pack some healthy snacks that you can enjoy between meal times. Fruit, raw veggies and an assortment of nuts are great snacks that are easy to pack, while giving your body fuel throughout your vacay!


Of course there are several more ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on vacation, and I will share those tips in my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group.  Please feel free to join if you’d like in on the FUN! I’ll also share more specific strategies I use to make sure my nutritional intake is on point! I’ll save some of that info for a future blog post. Just be sure to join my community of awesome women and you’ll be notified right away when I’ve shared those secrets!


Thanks for reading! Tell me in the comments below what tips and suggestions YOU have that we can learn from to get this global health movement going in the RIGHT direction! And remember, if you want me to be YOUR healthy lifestyle coach, I’m only one click away! I can help you get on track and STAY there!


To our Health and Happiness,