When I’m coaching overwhelmed ladies through their health and fitness journey they often tell me they would much rather skip out on going to the gym during their quest to get fit and healthy.   For many of them it feels like torture!  Sometimes they’d rather just take a diet pill or try some new gizmo that promises quick results.  As a holistic health coach who is dedicated to sustainable results, I’m not keen on recommending a gizmo that only works for several days and doesn’t produce a lifestyle change and the positive mindset that goes along with it.

Sometimes I like to drive around town to see what kind of exercise options there are and so many ladies say they don’t work out because they don’t like traditional gyms.

They get tired of grunting, sweaty seats, flirting, the music selection, pizza and snacks in the lobby, people teasing them and sometimes limited exercise equipment.

Many times this leads to them signing up for gym memberships and sometimes even personal trainers, only to discover that they have over-committed, and are unable to follow through on their investment.   Then they get discouraged with themselves because they REALLY want change, but the steps to make change seem WAY too difficult and monotonous.

(Exercise) in the name of love…..

I found some options in my local area that are MUCH more exciting than a gym to those who really prefer alternative exercise options.

Alternative Exercises: Have You Checked Out These Exercise Options Yet?

  • Pole Fitness dancing – I love this!

  • Belly dancing

  • Adult Team Sports (softball, baseball, dodge ball, basketball)

  • Kick boxing

  • Punch boxing

  • Adult Swimming

  • Zumba

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Capoeira

  • Group Bootcamp

  • Skating (Ice and Roller Skating)

  • Trampoline park

  • Skateboard park

  • Barre Fitness

  • Hip hop Dance

  • Ballroom Dance

  • Salsa

  • African Dance

All of these will raise your heart rate and it can be an optimal choice for those who NEED something FUN to keep them motivated to create time to exercise and avoid excess weight.

I totally understand.  I am NOT motivated to do things that bore me either.  In fact, the more boring the task is the more I procrastinate and I am not usually a procrastinator with stuff that matters to me.   I am motivated by efficiency and also things and people who give my energy a BOOST!

How about together we decide to choose ONLY exercise options that give our energy a BOOST?  Which exercises from my list would you like to do?  Share one of them or perhaps something else I forgot to include in the comments  section below and let’s grow our healthy lifestyle together!

Thanks for reading!

To Our Health and Happiness,