Stress is such an icky feeling!  It usually consumes much of our week when we are not careful of who we allow in our circle and how we spend our time. I’m a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, teach online classes on how to kick stress to the curb (while losing excess stubborn pounds) and sometimes even I feel stressed!

Our culture is often inundated with messages of being a busy body all the time and chasing the next big thing without self-reflecting.  It can be easy to let life pass us by when we begin to move on autopilot without actually accomplishing much of substance.  This lack of awareness is just one reason why women seek out my help to simplify their lives.

When my children were first born I too was caught up in the hustle and bustle, mostly stemming from my meaningless great-paying corporate America job and my desire to over-consume tangible goods.  Then I noticed that I was spending more time building my company’s dream and spending less time getting to know who I was as an individual in more depth.  As an entrepreneur, building someone else’s dream and neglecting my own true desires and values is draining and unfulfilling to say the least.

I’ve noticed that many of the ladies I’ve helped often neglect their personal self-care not because they don’t love themselves, but because they simply feel too drained from external pressures to create time to do it consistently.   This stressed out feeling often leads to overeating and a lack of desire to exercise.  By the time they reach out to me they’re often 50 pounds heavier than they were just 3 years prior and it’s all because they haven’t prioritized learning and implementing stress-management techniques.

How to Alleviate Stress

Today I’m going to share the ONE thing I do most often to alleviate stress and create an environment of peace. Some of the people that I’ve interacted with may be ticked off when they read this, but I have to keep it real (smile).

The ONE thing I do most often to alleviate stress is that I ignore people and situations that drain my batteries. When a person or environment cannot allow me to grow, I shut down and become disinterested. I feel lazier and waste time. I’m less self-reflective, and I become more likely to perceive situations in a negative light rather than a positive light. ALL of these situations impact the way I can serve my community in a positive way. So it is important for me to avoid those “battery draining” people or situations for my own sense of peace! I’m also MUCH more productive and can GIVE back to family and friends so much more!

My family, friends and community are not looking for leadership and support from someone who is stressed out.  They’re looking for someone who can teach and push them to the next level of their personal growth.  They’re looking for a charming, positive-minded, and fruitful change agent.  They’re NOT looking for a grumpy, nonchalant, bitter antagonist.

Would you love to learn more about how I minimize stress in my life as a holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach?  There are so many other amazing techniques I’ve experimented with over the past 10+ years and I enjoy sharing the ones that work SUPER well for STUCK, overwhelmed ladies.

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I’m teaching these women to live life on their own terms by listening to what allows them to THRIVE, rather than just merely survive.

Thanks for reading!

Comment and share how YOU minimize stress in your life when it’s just TOO much to handle.

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