Recently I stubbed my toe on the sidewalk (you know the crack in the sidewalk where the concrete block is a little higher than the one next to it?) and sprained it.  It swelled up like a balloon and later on that day I hobbled throughout the house looking like a newborn giraffe!  Don’t laugh at me (smile)!  I already laughed at myself!  It was actually pretty funny after it happened. My son ran over to me to help me walk and my daughter gave me her little mini crutches (for eight year olds) to use in the house from when she sprained her toe just a couple months prior.  Even though I preach that exercise is crucial to maintaining the physique and health we desire, sometimes there’s one thing that I as your healthy lifestyle coach need to inform you.  

Exercising and Injuries

That one thing is that sometimes, because of circumstances beyond our control, we cannot exercise the way we’d really want to.  But you probably already know that, right?  The question becomes,  “What CAN we actually do when we can’t exercise due to physical impairments?”  Well, if we think outside of the box and put excuses to the side we discover that we actually CAN still do some form of exercise even when we have physical limitations.  Don’t use your ailment as a reason to avoid all exercise and healthy eating.  I know you want to.  But resist the urge to create another excuse.  

So, here’s what I did during those couple of days while I limped around like an elderly woman looking for her cane.  First, I made sure that since I was going to be less physically active I would make sure I consumed even less processed food and drink only water or natural juices and smoothies.  This way I was able to still feel rejuvenated even though I couldn’t be quite as physically active.  Secondly, I did exercises that allowed me to use other body parts that actually still worked.  Just to name a couple, I was able to still do leg raises and bicep curls with dumbbells at home because the part of my body that was aching was NOT my leg nor my arms.  It was my toe.  Some people probably would have avoided exercise altogether just because their toe was hurt.   You may be wondering if this little bit of exercise is actually effective.  Yes, it’s effective and my biceps say so (wink, wink).  

Things to do While You’re Injured

I also did one more (perhaps less than obvious) thing while my toe was recovering.  I  took the extra time to look up new healthy resources.  Sometimes our world moves so fast that we forget to do more research on how to sustain our health.  Had I not been less mobile I may not have thought about using the extra downtime to research exercises I could do and healthy foods I could consume.  If we aren’t careful we are prone to not making the best use of our time, especially when we’re super busy.  I decided to use this extra time productively and NOW I have discovered even more tools and resources that I can use with the ladies in my online and offline health coaching programs.  

Would you like to learn more about these resources?  They’re going to help you reduce anxiety, reduce depression, boost your mood, boost your confidence, improve your productivity at home, work so that you can get more done in less time, and deliver MUCH better results at your next doctor visit.  The best way to learn about these resources on a daily basis before most other ladies in the community learn about them is to join my uplifting and encouraging Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook community where I actively engage with women just like you and help them solve some of their most challenging health issues.  Some of these issues are so challenging  that even doctors do not fully understand and have asked me for more information.  If this seems like a community where you can thrive in then join us and watch your health and perception on life change for the better every single day!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to inquire below with any exercises you or someone you know can do even with physical limitations.  I’m pretty sure that myself and the certified personal trainers I collaborate with can help create a customized consistency plan from our toolbox of hundreds of exercises for you to experience for yourself.  Don’t forget to be generous and share this article with your friends, family and acquaintances who need a plan for their physical limitations as well.

To Our Health & Happiness,