Even though I mostly move through life simply, meaningfully, and purposefully as a holistic career and health coach sometimes I need to remind myself to take a step back from helping others and get back in touch with myself.  Sometimes I float through my days without much reflection on WHY I’m doing the things I do.  Do you know what I mean?  For instance, sometimes I wake up in the morning and get the kids ready for school, drink my favorite tea, eat my fave breakfast and look at my to-do list without even reflecting on my wins, challenges, and expressing gratitude for everything I’ve been abundantly blessed with.  Many times I just start tackling the day, one task at a time.  Many of us operate this way.

Life Before I Became a Health Coach

Before I took an interest in living a more fulfilling life which also included shrinking my waist line after I had my daughter at the age of 30 I went through life on auto-pilot most of the time.  I would glide through my day doing what was expected and habitual and after a while life became monotonous.  I don’t thrive on monotony.  I thrive on variety and service.

Before I decided my mission in life was to inspire women as a nutrition and lifestyle coach I didn’t even pay attention to what I ate throughout the day much less how it was impacting my health.  I mean, I was the gal eating cherry cheesecake danishes and a bag of butter popcorn at random times of the day and calling it a meal.  I laugh at that now.

These type of “meals”  led to feeling bloated, tired and sluggish.

Today I want to share with you the MOST significant life-changing thing I began doing differently to get more in touch with who I am and WHY I’m even eating healthier and exercising.

My “Why”

I didn’t initially begin eating healthier and exercising because I wanted to get healthy.  I thought I was already healthy.   I simply wanted to still look cute in my fashionable clothes.  But there was actually still more to it than that and I’ll address my other reasons in future articles.

The TOP key thing I did was write down 10 reasons WHY I want to eat healthier and exercise.  I think I discovered this approach from reading a motivational article online.  I didn’t write down the generic responses many people give when asked that question.  I looked below the surface and REALLY thought about what each reason actually meant to me.  So for example, instead of saying “I want to eat healthier and exercise because healthy food is good for me.”  I said “I want to eat and healthier and exercise because I like to feel productive and accomplished and when I don’t eat healthy food and exercise I am more prone to get sick and find it difficult to focus on my work for the day.”  See how I went one layer deeper than the superficial response many people give which is “healthy food is good for me”?  I can go even deeper than that too.

Knowing all of my reasons WHY I am making ANY type of life transition and especially my heath is important because then I am more likely to stick with the behaviors I need to implement in order to achieve my desired goal.  I’ve been wildly successful at exceeding my health goals because I make daily habits that facilitate growth.  When it comes to losing weight and maintaining weight loss it is vital to reflect on the reasons WHY we are committed to this healthy lifestyle and I will share my other reasons with you soon.

Thanks for reading!  Now I’d love to know your thoughts?   Tell us in the comments what one of your WHY’s are for eating healthier and exercising.  Then, share this with friends who have been struggling with self-sabotaging their desire to produce sustainable weight loss results so that they can begin identifying their motivation as well.