When was the last time you took a walk in nature?  Does the idea of being surrounded by beautiful flowers, birds, and animals stimulate your senses or does it bore you?  The last time I checked with my tween-age son it was “BORING” to spend time admiring nature. He’d much rather be playing an intense game of soccer with his friends in the grass than admiring the earth beneath his feet.  I know you’ve probably heard healthy lifestyle coaches like myself talk about the importance of self-care. But why does it really matter?


The Significance of Indulging in Self-Care


Well, I’m just going to speak for myself.  Self-care matters to me because it allows me to refresh, reconnect and rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul.  This has been even more important to me lately because I feel like I need more strength and vitality to serve a larger audience than I had previously.  I also feel like I am growing at an exponential rate and need to continuously feed my own spirit so that I can relay a message of hope and encouragement to my community and beyond.  My intention is always to inspire women all around the world to step into their greatness.

To me, self-care is not only about getting a manicure or pedicure or a fresh new hairstyle.  It’s also about challenging myself to self-reflect and think about if my movements in life are in sync with how I want to spend the rest of my life.  One of the best ways for me to do this is to turn on some soft rhythmic music and do a visualization exercise. Sometimes I just sit and think and occasionally I will write down my thoughts.  

Today, I’ll share one of those visualizations with you.  


Visualization and Manifestation


When I’m engaging in one of my favorite visualization exercises I often imagine that I am overlooking a pretty turquoise blue ocean view from a balcony with transparent white curtains being tossed by the wind behind me.  I’m sitting there with a loved one, relaxed in a bamboo wicker chair with my feet propped up on a stool or table in front of me. I’m sipping on a frozen strawberry daiquiri or some other type of sweet frozen drink thinking about nothing more than the present moment.  I’m watching dolphins play in the ocean in front of me and listening to some nostalgic reggae music in the background. I’m not thinking about how to plan my life, family, and other business tasks for the day because I am mostly moved by inspired, purposeful action and want nothing other than to relax in the moment.

When I come out of this visualization exercise I think about how my life aligns with this fantasy and reflect on the steps I am taking every single day to make this dream a reality.  Some people would say that I’m naïve to think that this experience could be a part of my ongoing lifestyle and to them I say, “Watch me!” Watch me make it a part of my reality. Watch me do the work necessary to grow into this reality.  Then finally, watch me show others how this can be their reality too. Maybe they think this is how I intend to spend my entire day. I actually have other visions I would like to accomplish (hint, hint). So, this is just ONE piece to the puzzle not the ENTIRE puzzle.  I can’t very well serve others in the way I want to by just looking at dolphins and listening to reggae all day (haha). But it can definitely be a beautiful part of my overall reality.

But I believe that this reality starts with self-care.  If I don’t take care of myself while I’m purposefully serving others, it can lead to a life of burnout and frustration. Frustration to the point that I don’t even have the energy to put in the work necessary to make this my reality, much less teach someone else how to make it their reality.  I am a driven woman of purpose and service. So, I need to be mindful to engage in activities that fill my cup and provide the momentum to keep giving my God-given gifts, passions, and desires to the world.

I would love to get to know you better and share some other visualization exercises I’ve engaged in to attract more peace and prosperity into my world.  Being in a state of peace helps provide me with a sense of gratitude, builds up my relationship bonds, gives me clarity, and allows me to be more receptive to all of the goodness I deserve.  You are NO different from me. You deserve peace, gratitude, better relationships, clarity, and the desire to receive what is meant for you too. Join me here so that I can share those visualization tools with you and let’s walk in harmony together as we edify one another.

Thanks for reading!  Share with friends and family who sometimes struggle with manifesting their dreams into reality!

To Our Health & Happiness,



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