When is the best time to move forward with something that is going to help us move to our next goal?

Is it today?   Is tomorrow?  Is it next week?  WHEN is it?

Since many of us, including healthy lifestyle coaches like myself, are procrastinators when it comes to changing certain old habits you’re probably reading this thinking about your own personal goals and telling yourself that tomorrow or next week is a GREAT time to get started on them, right?

Pushing them off gives us more time to think about putting them off some more, right?

Many of us find it more difficult to say that TODAY is the best day for change.

Many times that’s simply because we don’t know where to begin and truly understand the core purpose behind making the change.


When Procrastination Takes Over Us


For me, I’m more likely to make change after I intuitively feel like I’m regressing.  It’s when I have that feeling like I’m slowly taking steps backwards rather than forward.  Sometimes I don’t even realize it’s happening right away.  Or, I realize it’s happening and am unsure of how to re-motivate myself.  When I’m taking steps backwards I begin to feel like life has less purposeful fulfillment and meaning.  I may even feel like I’m just floating by without a clear sense of direction.  Sometimes I’m not necessarily regressing, but I’m standing still.  Standing still is almost the same as regressing to me if I’m engaged in meaningless busy work rather than productive work because it still means I’m not growing as I desire.

Recently, I reached out to one of my mentors and before we started delving into “girl talk” that I’ll share with you in a future blog I explained to her that I had been losing steam and motivation to do things my usual way.  As a matter of fact, I’ve noticed that working in short bursts throughout the day has been my new normal rather than sectioning off scheduled times to accomplish my usual daily tasks.  Someone could probably design a complete schedule for me on a pretty calendar and I’d use it to do nothing more than decorate the wall.  That approach is just not motivating at the moment!


Finding Your Motivation


After our talk I dug within and asked myself exactly what IS motivating in the current moment.  I realized that I actually have been making an impact.  But I feel like my energy level has been zapped more regularly than before.  It’s like my high moments don’t last as long and I need more time to rest. I know we need rest.  But I just wonder why the need to rest more regularly.  So, I acknowledged my need for more rest and still kept digging within.

I realized that what IS motivating is to be able to show myself that I’m actually capable of more in order to achieve other desirable goals.  One of those goals is to have more fun by reaching more women in a different format.  For example, rather than spending the bulk of my time helping women on a smaller scale, I could expand my reach and bring more like-minded women into my circle of influence from other regions of the world.   One of my future goals is to travel the world with the people I adore and love to spend time with and even host international self-love retreats.  One way of implementing this goal is to increase the opportunities to connect with women in other countries.  In order for me to achieve this goal I need to continue to be present on social media and in my community so that ladies know who I am and what my message is so that they continue to share it.  When people don’t know who I am and what my message is I may be less likely to meet ladies on a wider scope and leave a mark on an international scale.


Following your Heart


I don’t fully know all of the reasons why I feel the need to travel and see more of the world.  But I do know that I want to be able to engulf myself in other’s cultures and sow a seed of love wherever I go while showing women how to also love themselves more and more.  There’s something exciting about connecting with a woman from another country that has been shaped by a totally different religion, upbringing, income level and way of seeing the world! I find myself asking a lot of questions and discover that what lights her up is often what most of us desire, to be loved and feel good about the lives we’re living.  We’re all so different because of our experiences and yet so much similar.

Now that I have a new way of looking at how I want to reach and impact women on a larger scale it brings a fresh perspective to what I already do.  I don’t know all of the how-to steps, but I do know that if I continue to stay present the “how-to’s will take care of themselves and a greater audience will be served with love.  When I choose to hide and do nothing it serves next to no one.  That’s not the vision I hold for myself and I certainly don’t want to let you down either.  If you’re an active part of my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group you’ll have an opportunity to see me carry out my mission before others have an opportunity to sometimes.  Join me and other encouraging women and let’s hold each other accountable to our dreams!

Also, be selfless and help me encourage more souls by sharing this message with friends and family who may need to know that it’s ok to get derailed as long as we recognize when it’s time to start moving forward again.  That day is now!

Thanks for reading!

To Our Health & Happiness,