STARVING!!!!! That’s exactly how you may end up feeling, if you leave the house without your healthy snacks!

How do I know? Because it happened to me! That’s right! Even I, the Holistic Health Coach, recently found myself in a situation where I was unprepared!

Here’s how it happened: I went out with a family member and while I waited for her to finish dragging her feet, I realized that my stomach was growling MORE and MORE as each moment passed! I’m normally someone who preaches to pack healthy snacks BEFORE going out.  But for some reason this time I totally forgot! This is a no-no if you’re trying your best to lose weight!! Why is this Bad for Weight Loss you May Wonder? Well, it’s bad for weight loss because the next time you decide to eat you’re more likely to reach for the WRONG foods for your goals. Typically, the WRONG foods include high sodium, high sugar, and few nutrients that our bodies REALLY need to feel satiated.

Here are just 3 of many creative strategies we can implement to stay satiated while out and about instead of sabotaging our efforts!

  1. Pack a few snack bags or containers with nuts, berries, or dried fruits.  This will be easy to eat in almost any environment and won’t go bad.  It will help stabilize our blood sugar level so that we are not reaching for the next candy bar in sight because we are just too famished to wait for a healthy meal option.
  2. Look up healthy fast food restaurants BEFORE you go out to see what’s in the area so that when you are hungry you already know where the quickest healthy options are located.  One phone app that many health conscious people like is called Vegman.  It’s especially awesome for people who choose vegetarian and vegan food options.  Also, don’t forget that the local grocery store always has quick prepared healthy food options when you can’t find a local fast food restaurant.
  3. Eat BEFORE you go out no matter where you’re going.  This seems so silly if you’re on your way out to a restaurant because your intention is to leave the house to eat a nice meal, right? But anything can happen between the time you leave your house and the time you get to where you’re going.  Now, I don’t mean eat a meal to the point that you are downright stuffed!  I mean eat something to satisfy you so that your stomach already has a little food in it just in case you’re unable to eat as quickly as you’d like.  Often times, I’ll make myself a quick sandwich or eat a quarter portion of leftovers so that I’m not as hungry just to hold me over.  Whatever you choose to eat just make sure that you’re not leaving the house completely full.

So, what do you think?  These are not tips that only holistic health coaches can implement.  Almost everyone can implement these super simple tips!   Share this article with friends who sometimes find it difficult to stay committed to eating healthy while out and about and let me know in the comments which tip you are most likely to implement based on your own lifestyle!

Thanks for reading!

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To Our Health and Happiness,