Sometimes I eat chips, ice cream and cake (all in the same day)!  Yes you read that right! Even Healthy Lifestyle coaches splurge too much from time to time! Sometimes I get less than 4 hours of sleep in a day.  Sometimes I drink alcohol. Sometimes I only exercise 2 days a week.  Sometimes I exercise 0 days in a week.  Sometimes I get bloated.  Sometimes my skin breaks out.  Sometimes I get frustrated with people in my environment.  Sometimes I eat veggies that taste like crap and put them to the side of my plate and just eat the chicken and white rice or pasta instead.  Sometimes I lounge around on sunny days and waste time scrolling social media.  Sometimes I feel like I could be doing more to encourage and influence other ladies to eat better, exercise more, and take better care of their health.

And guess what?   None of that matters in my BIG picture as I stroll across my path on Earth in this life!

When you think eating healthy and exercising is hard go back to a place of remembering that you are HUMAN!  You will never ALWAYS feel like exercising and eating healthy, getting maximum sleep and all the other hoopla healthy lifestyle coaches like myself promote!  Stop beating yourself up just because you decided to eat a half a slice of pizza, peach cobbler, pie or haven’t exercised in one month.  Calm down and enjoy every moment of your life!

When I learned to simplify my life and just live in the moment I began to appreciate where I am in my healthy lifestyle journey and I began to empower other ladies around the world to do the same.  None of my clients are perfect!  They all have flaws. They all eat cake sometimes.  They all have moments when they are sleepy in the middle of the day.  They all struggle with their emotions sometimes.  That’s because my clients aren’t robots; they’re human (wink wink).

Living the Best You:  Words of Encouragement

Let’s remember that we are all here to learn and also help each other grow.  My desire is that YOU connect with the best people to help you grow into the BEST version of yourself!  The BEST version of yourself is not meant to be perfect.  The BEST version is for you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in the way that serves you and your community the best.  The BEST version also means living in a way and style that feels authentic to you.  Sometimes that means you will not fit the perfect health mold.  Sometimes that means your arms or stomach may sag a little too much for your liking.  Sometimes that means you’ll walk into an interview with a red zit on your chin.  Always remember that most people don’t care about those minor details.  They care about how they feel when they are around you and how much encouragement you give.

Do you light up the world of others?  Do you light up your own world?  Do you have something profound to say that can positively impact someone?   If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then you are doing ENOUGH!  

Waiting to be happy when you have the perfect body is hogwash.  Be happy now!  If you can’t be happy now what happens when you achieve this dream body and you’re still unhappy?  

If you believe achieving this optimal state is a difficult feat given your overwhelming life and schedule then take a few moments to review and join my open-enrollment popular life transforming 30-Day Bust-Through Mindset course so that I can teach you how to trick your mind to be happy right now where you are AND achieve the body and life of your dreams in a way that will have you saying to yourself “What took me so long to shed unfulfilling life I’ve been living in denial?!”  You’ll even find that it’s much EASIER to stay on track in order to create the body you love.  That’s just a bonus for you in deciding that you are WORTHY of everything you desire in this lifetime.

Thanks for reading!

I believe in you!  Do you believe in yourself?

Share these words of encouragement to your friends and family across social media and beyond to those who need it most!

To Our Health & Happiness,