What if you want to eat healthy and can’t stand healthy food?  I know you probably think healthy lifestyle coaches like myself are happy to eat celery and carrot sticks every day and rarely crave junk food.  You may also believe that we all enjoy cooking all day long and get high off of researching clean eating recipes online.  Well, today I’m just going to speak for myself.  I really don’t care much about how much other coaches enjoy cooking healthy meals and whether they dream about quinoa salad or how many pieces of vegan cake they eat each month.

What I care most about it is finding a sustainable diet that makes me feel like living a healthy lifestyle is fun and satisfies my taste buds while I’m keeping my body running as efficiently as possible.  Sometimes that means I will eat processed foods like macaroni and cheese and cheesecake.  Other times that means I will indulge on a grilled chicken salad with radishes, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and mushrooms.  What works best for me is to eat about 75-80% clean (full of fruit, veggies, and whole grains) and the rest of the time eat man-made processed food.  Why?  Well, it’s because it makes me happy and allows me to stay consistent with maintaining a pretty healthy diet.

Eating Healthy While on a Trip

That’s how I ate when I had to escape Hurricane Irma that was invading my sunny home in Florida (U.S) just recently.  I traveled out of state and had to eat food on the road most of the time since I didn’t have access to a stove.  Many people would say that this would be difficult because they’re so used to just grabbing a burger and fries when they’re on the road.  I used to be that way, thinking that all I could eat was high sodium food at buffets, pizza, burgers, sodas, and fries if I were to travel on the road for days at a time.

That was during a time period when I refused to think outside of the box and was comfortable making excuses to eat poorly.  Making those excuses just kept my waistline larger than I desired and my energy levels so low that I couldn’t enjoy traveling in my best state because I was constipated, bloated and sluggish after consuming such heavily processed foods.  I didn’t know the difference between feeling light and energetic and heavy and sluggish.  Heavy and sluggish was so normal that I thought I was supposed to feel that way after consuming meals.

What Can you Eat Instead?

Have you had an opportunity to peruse my clean eating guide yet?  It’s full of delicious healthy recipes that you can look for while on the road and also make on the road if you’re staying at a place with a stove and the utilities needed to cool and warm it up.  Choosing to eat healthy while on the road is what it takes to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle, not the availability of healthy foods.  Every single fast food restaurant I walked into offered different types of salads and bottled water.  Additionally, every single city I drove through had at least one grocery store where I could purchase fruit, veggies, protein bars, and/or spinach wraps to make my own healthy sandwiches if I wanted to.

When traveling the question becomes how much do you really want to stay committed to achieving your goals, not whether or not healthy food is available.  Healthy food is generally always available.  It’s just a matter of looking in non-traditional fast food places and ways to find it.  And if you happen to be a vegetarian or vegan don’t forget that the Vegman app is a great resource to utilize when you’re traveling to certain places so that you’re not stuck supporting restaurants you would prefer to not support.  

Since many ladies, especially women who travel with children seem to often inquire about the best ways to eat healthy while on the road I will be discussing this more frequently in my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group.  I am a wanderlust holistic health coach who absolutely loves meeting people from different cultures and exploring new terrain whenever I have the best opportunities to do so.  So there will be plenty of opportunities for me to teach you how to eat healthy in your local cities as well as internationally!  

Share this article with friends and family and let’s stay in touch so that I can show you how EASY it is to live a healthy lifestyle on the road and maybe even invite you along on an adventure one day!  Let me know in the comments what your favorite place to visit so far has been so that I can check it out too!


To Our Health & Happiness,