She thinks she’s CUTE!

Must she show off her ASS?

Why does she ALWAYS have to talk about how great it is to be eating CLEAN?

UUUUUHHHHHHHH…. I’m so annoyed by these gym posts ALL day long on social media by her!


Since I help women on a daily basis as a healthy lifestyle coach I’ve heard my ladies complain about all of these statements (and more)! They’re usually not the ones making the statements (at least not anymore….).   Instead, they’ve overheard other women saying these things about other women and sometimes toward them as well.


Sometimes women get discouraged when other women make them feel bad about improving themselves, especially when it comes to weight!  When some women lose weight they often lose friends and sometimes these people are the ones closest to them.  The friendships slip away slowly in front of their eyes and much of it has to do with feelings of envy, low self-esteem and anger within their “friend”.


While I’ve been on my fitness journey my friends are often motivated to do more and be a better person by witnessing my success.  Often that is because I mostly choose friends who are motivated by success to begin with.  I’ve never been one who feels the need to have friends JUST for the sake of having friends.  I’m very content with my own company and believe quality supersedes quantity when it comes to who I include in my circle.


BUT, what if you have a STRONG need for affiliation and LOVE to have a lot of friends in your corner no matter what decisions you choose in life?  It’s actually very common for extremely social women to avoid getting healthier because their friendships mean that much to them.  When they don’t have a strong support system they feel down about themselves and life.


Two Ways Ladies Have Created Great Friendships WHILE Losing Weight


Here we gooooo!


  1. First, ask your friends if they’d love to join you in eating healthy, exercising, and arrange indulgence dates every time you two hit a monthly goal together. For example, if you all commit to attending each weekly workout session you can reward yourselves by going on a date together to the spa (or some other place you enjoy) for extra bonding.  Create this indulgence date even if one of you lost more weight than the other to decrease feelings of envy.
  2. Increase BOTH of your social circles by making NEW friends at group nutrition and exercise classes together. Many times we are MORE successful when we increase our circle with ladies who are striving for similar goals as we are.  You and your friend may need to increase the likelihood that you’ll both stay consistent with exercise and eating healthy by simply enlarging your circle of influence.  BOTH of you will notice that it is much more energizing and rewarding to make friends with positive-minded women who love to embrace a healthier lifestyle!


I KNOW that it can sometimes be difficult to find groups of women who are committed to consistently eating well and exercising.  So, I’m personally inviting you to join my group of AMAZING women who are out to show their community and the WORLD that they have the motivation and determination to not settle for anything less than their BEST!


While they’re working on themselves they will also influence you to work hard at being your best and consistently get back up even when you stumble.  Before you know it YOU will be the woman that other women asks HOW you achieve excellence and they’ll flock to you.  You won’t even notice the naysayers because you will be too committed to being nothing less than your BEST!


THAT’s the team I’m on as a THRIVING holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach.


Take a walk on the wild side and join the rest of us lovely ladies!  Amaze us with your generosity and share any other ideas you have that work well in the ‘Comments’ section below.


To Our Health and Happiness!