I’m better than you. Turns out we’re not ALL created equal, and it’s a scientific fact that some people are actually better than others.

Gotcha! Of course you know that the above statements are false and that we indeed ARE ALL created equal.  Each of us have our own challenges, but in spite of that, we’re all supposed to grow in this lifetime.

It’s normal to get stuck, but DON’T give up!

As a thriving career and holistic health coach sometimes I get derailed.  Sometimes I don’t feel like taking steps forward to develop my inner self.  Sometimes I get stuck.

However, if something is very important to me I never give up.

Making a Global Impact

We all have dreams, but are you pursuing them? I believe in pursuing my dreams and achieving them.  Be intentional about pursuing your dreams EVERY DAY. Make sure that you’re running hard after your dream so that you can have a lasting imprint on this earth for future generations while also serving the generation you are currently living in. I find that the more I give to my community the greater the impact I make on the world! If I can make a global impact you can too!

I realized that every time I give selflessly to the world lives are transformed into something greater.   My life transforms as well.  I believe that in order to develop into our highest and best version of ourselves we must be on board with continuously giving and serving with the purest form of love.  When we do this we are priming our lives to receive more abundance.

You can get with this or you can get with that: Learning to get the good stuff in life!

We can either receive abundant drama, issues, and negativity or abundant blessings and positivity.  It’s mostly our choice.

Since you’re reading this then I believe that you want to receive abundant blessings.  Receiving abundant blessings allow us to feel more sure of ourselves, allows us to transform more lives, and allows us to keep growing on a daily basis.

Allow me to share with you the top 3 ways you can to begin transforming your life RIGHT now.   Our transformation is significant so that we can evolve into our BEST self.

  1. Begin to locate people who have already experienced a life transformation and learn from them. Sometimes you may find these individuals at places of worship, online in spiritual groups, in spiritual or religious book stores, at spiritual or religious concerts, on missionary trips, and more!  Ask the individuals you naturally draw toward to share their story with you so that you can apply what they’ve learned through their experiences to yourself.

  2. Begin to read more self-development and motivational books.  Be bold and shoot for at least one book per month.  By the end of the year you would’ve read close to 12 new books and would’ve gained valuable keys for your transformation.

  3. Focus on what is really important to you in life.  Is it more important to be a part of the in-crowd at all times or part of the movers and shakers crowd?  Which crowd will help you get to the next level of growth the quickest?

Many individuals who tell you that making a life transformation is too difficult probably just didn’t have the best support system in place for their goals.  When undergoing a transformation we NEED a strong circle of individuals who will lift us up when we experience our low points as well as our high points.  We need them to keep us encouraged and motivated to excel.  It’s a reciprocal relationship.

Self Reflection on Health, Career, and Lifestyle: The More You Grow…..

Take just a minute to reflect on a time period that you were experiencing growth.  Who helped support you?  How did you feel when you experienced growth?  Who applauded for you?  Who was present?

Some of us have a strong support system.  Others of us only have ourselves.  I’m inviting you into my inner circle of AMAZING positive-minded women, Nutrition 4 Busy Women , who are some of the most supportive women I’ve ever interacted with.  They are crushing their goals one by one and the BEST thing about it is that my role as their career and holistic health coach will help serve as a catalyst into their next level of growth.

Thank you for reading!  Comment below and tell us which resources you can utilize in your area to locate individuals experiencing transformation.