How often do you take time out to just be grateful?  Every now and then I just sit back and reflect on all of the blessings that pour into my lap on a daily basis.  Sometimes I think about how incredible it is that I can influence women all around the world to live a healthier lifestyle.  They choose me to help guide them as their holistic lifestyle coach and sometimes they even refer their friends.

If it were not for the impact I can create via social media avenues I wouldn’t even know some of these women.  If I never left my unfulfilling, meaningless career in corporate America a few years back I wouldn’t have been able to directly and indirectly impact the ladies I have impacted so far today.  Some of these ladies are now even influencing other women across the world to live a healthier lifestyle.  We’ve created a ripple effect!

What I Learned about Stress While Being Abroad

One time, while vacationing with a friend in Bali, Indonesia I learned that too many of us in the Western Hemisphere, place so much emphasis on being overly busy that we miss the simple pleasures in life.  As I toured the beautiful, tropical island I noticed that the people I came in contact with were simple, full of gratitude, and pleasant even though they had fewer possessions than the typical American.  

While on vacation, I didn’t just do the typical tourist stuff.  I walked through lush green land, visited temples, and rode through the city and countryside and took note of the pleasant aura in the air.  It was so refreshing that when I returned to the United States it felt like I left heaven and went straight to hell.  The air was different.  The sunken bagged eyes were apparent on people’s faces.  The attitudes were 10 times worse.  And this is supposedly a country where people have more and can do more.  Many of the people on that island don’t even have the luxury of leaving the island.  They can’t afford to.  

The Correlation Between Gratefulness and Stress

Since we comparably have so much, let’s  self-reflect and ask ourselves how we are creating a ripple effect today.  What do you do in your daily interactions that empower others?  If you can’t think of anything right now, that’s ok.  Sometimes it takes years for people to discover their true value and voice on this earth.  I’ve noticed that it’s usually because they’re looking for something or someone outside of themselves to tell them what to do.  It’s like they’re waiting on a big red sign in their yard to show up when all they need to do is connect with who they are and what they find enjoyable.

I know that with all of the hustle and bustle it can be extremely difficult to do and that’s why I created a 21-Day Stress Reboot online course.  So many modern career women don’t seem to know how to bring a sense of meaning and purpose to what they do each day.  Often, all they need to do is re-prioritize a few tasks in their schedule and then BOOM.  The revelation would appear! Have you taken this open-enrollment course yet?  

If you’re ever ready to boost your career and health fulfillment I am here to help.  I’m pretty sure I’ve heard similar reasons of why you haven’t started yet.  I may have even used some of the same excuses.  I’m sure glad I didn’t let those excuses get the best of me though.  If I had, you may not have ever had the pleasure of learning from and knowing me.

Thanks for reading!  Share this article with friends who sometimes struggle with prioritizing their schedule and connecting to themselves so that they can soar!  Then join my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group so that you can connect with me on a deeper level as I help you identify the steps needed to go from merely surviving to thriving like so many of my other once overwhelmed ladies have done.

To Our Health & Happiness,