Have you ever wondered why your friend can go on a diet,  exercise 4 days a week and lose weight effortlessly and you will go on the same exact diet and exercise the same number of days a week (even complete the same exercises plan) and not lose an ounce?  You may even……..GAIN weight.    Who wants to go on a new diet and GAIN weight when your goal is to actually shed a few pounds?


As a trained nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach I understand on a scientific level that our bodies do NOT process foods the same exact way. Many women have told me that when they introduce MORE carbs into their diet they actually begin to lose more weight than the low-carb diet their friend was so successful with. That’s right!  By doing the exact opposite of what so many health-related marketing experts suggest they are able to LOSE weight, sometimes without even killing themselves in the gym and over-exercising.


It’s All about the Type of Food you Eat


Everywhere we turn there is more and more marketing suggesting that we should eat fewer carbs and more protein to lose weight sooner. But have you ever thought about the fact that it’s not that carbs are making people overweight? Instead, it’s the type of carbs we are often consuming.  When many ladies I speak with think of carbs they think of white bread, white pasta, white rice, cakes, cookies, and many sugary cereals.  These are classified as simple carbs and are low in fiber, low in nutrients, are empty calories that easily turn into fat and can often make us feel tired.  However, there are a wide variety of complex carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, and apples that are high in fiber, a metabolism booster, and help us feel fuller longer.   


When I used to coach ladies by providing them with a generic meal plan I discovered that some ladies were satiated throughout the day and others were starving even after eating a HUGE salad full of veggies plus a green smoothie.  I began to notice patterns in what it took to bring certain ladies to a point of satiation and it didn’t mean that they needed to binge on even MORE salad or more green smoothies to feel full.   I noticed that some ladies lost more weight and stayed more satiated with a high carb diet and others fared better with a high protein diet.  I also began to notice that some ladies did well eating an equal blend of carbs, protein and healthy fats throughout the day.


I began to even experiment on myself.  I noticed that the more protein I consumed at any given meal or snack boosted my satiation level much more than just eating a third huge salad.  I was able to avoid overindulging on simple carbs like chips, cakes, candy, and white bread when I consumed more protein in my day.  This approach, however did not work well with some of my ladies and they often felt lethargic, drained, and sluggish when they consumed more protein.  They were feeling energized, revitalized and losing weight eating MORE carbohydrates and LESS protein.


So, when I hear some people suggest nutrition advice to others and recommend a generic meal plan I wonder how much they really understand that nutrition is NOT one-size-fits-all.  It’s not enough to suggest to someone to “just eat healthy food and exercise”.  That means almost absolutely nothing in the world of nutrition and science.  This approach assumes that everybody processes food the same exact way and that’s simply not true.  If you ever come across a coach who provides you with a generic meal plan without first determining if it’s actually going to match YOUR specific needs then politely say “No thanks!”


So now you’re probably asking yourself how to discover what your needs are.  Well, I have a special tool based in over 30 years of scientific research to date that has helped women determine if eating more carbs or more protein will help them feel and look better than just “eating healthy”.   The results have been amazing and the best part is that they did not need to be a slave to analyzing every single calorie and macronutrient in their food choices! One of my ladies was able to eat more carbs and steadily lose weight without even stepping foot into a gym for nearly 6 weeks.  Another of my ladies had a baby and discovered that she needed a diet to help her lose her baby weight. She increased her protein consumption and was able to lose 10 pounds in less than 30 days without exercising (she hated exercising).  


My Simple Weapon


I can help you discover which foods will help you facilitate weight loss by reducing your cravings, providing more satiation, and revitalizing your energy levels as well.  This science is not meant for just a small segment of the population.  It’s meant for all of us.  The problem is that most women have absolutely no clue how to discover this for themselves because we’re often too busy taking care of the children, tending to our draining careers, and maintaining a social life when we have free time.  We’re often not paying too much attention to whether we feel more or less satiated after we eat certain foods.  We’re also not paying too much attention to whether or not eating certain healthy foods are going to cause us to gain weight or if we could actually enjoy more of it and still lose weight!


Since I have consistently witnessed ladies transform their bodies by learning which healthy foods and proportions of these foods work best for them I’m confident that you can also achieve quality health results if you knew how your body best processes food as well.  It’s actually rather simple when you know what you are doing. Eating healthy and losing weight is only hard if you don’t have the best tools and support to simplify the process.  Take a moment and reach out to me for your complimentary assessment so that I can help you discover how you can accelerate your weight loss using simple tweaks that anyone, including you can do if you’re open to understanding how your body responds to and processes certain foods.


Let’s not make this journey more difficult than it needs to be.


Share with friends who may benefit from learning how to understand their own body better  so that we can all be our best selves and live a higher quality life together!


To Our Health & Happiness,





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