Picture it: A gentleman in the gym who is a…shall we say…”teddy bear” type. This particular man would move so fast and so hard on the elliptical, while GRUNTING. LOUD. Seriously, this man grunted so loud that I’m certain that all of Heaven and Earth heard him. He would move from the elliptical to the weight machine, and from the weight machine back to the elliptical. I feared that he might even break one of the machines! But he persisted. He didn’t let anything stop him. I’m a dedicated healthy lifestyle coach and even I was not as committed as this man in the gym. I began to see him every single day, just pounding away at being his absolute best, not caring who was around him noticing him sweat and grunt. We went to the gym at the same time for several months, and I soon began to see a change in him. He became leaner and more muscular, and I even noticed him giving advice to some of the college guys who frequented the gym. That was about a year ago.

Now fast forward to the present. The other day while I was out in public I saw a man at the grocery store. He waved at me as if he knew me, and I waved back as if I knew him, except I had no idea who the guy was. After doing a double take, I realized that it was the “teddy bear type” who I used to always see at the gym, except he wasn’t a teddy bear type anymore! Since changing gyms, I hadn’t seen him in a long time, but it was evident that he’d kept working! He was lean, muscular and looked like an entirely different person!

Results Through Consistency

Often times one of the most difficult feats for ladies I work with is to be CONSISTENT with their workouts and eating habits.  I’ve found that I am more consistent when I don’t remove every processed food item out of my diet and focus on eating mostly savory, healthy foods while doing exercises that I WANT to do.  If someone told me that I had to do exercises that I couldn’t stand, were boring and eat tasteless healthy food I would probably only be consistent for about 2 days.  When I started to adapt to a healthier lifestyle in my early 30’s after giving birth to my daughter, I noticed that I became more consistent when I learned how to make a multitude of healthy meals and snacks and focused on doing exercises that I enjoyed.   These exercises challenged me and brought me a sense of accomplishment rather than feeling like I completed some type of slave activity.  

Have you discovered what those foods and exercises are for you yet?  If you enjoy dancing, playing tennis, and roller skating for exercise and hate lifting weights then why not focus on those activities you enjoy.  You’ll probably be much more consistent with exercising than focusing on an activity that you hate even if someone else LOVES it.  Additionally, if you enjoy eating warm comfort foods like thick soups and decide to begin a raw veggie diet how long do you think it’s going to last?  It may last forever.   But the greater likelihood is that you’ll miss your comfort foods.  So, why not learn how to make healthier versions of your comfort foods rather than force yourself to eat raw rabbit food daily that you loathe?

Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to figure out which exercises and foods are the most enjoyable.  If you were to go online and begin doing research it may actually deter you from ever starting because you may experience brain overload.  Since one of the first things I struggled with when beginning to better my health was learning how to make comfort foods out of healthy ingredients. I created a resource guide full of recipes to help you satisfy your taste buds and make losing excess pounds a simpler experience.  I also have teamed up with personal trainers to provide you with a wide variety of effective exercises that are perfect for a woman with a busy lifestyle.  

Always remember that it is not what you do once in awhile that will speed up the process to getting results.  It’s what you do consistently.  That means consistent flexible eating and exercises you ENJOY!  If you need help with being consistent while taking care of everyone else and all other life demands then I would love to invite you into my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group where you can receive support from myself, a certified health coach, and other supportive women who will root for you!

See ya soon!  Share this article with friends or family members who also struggle with consistency and are frustrated with seeing little to no results from all of their effort.  

To Our Health & Happiness,