Oh, my!  That spaghetti was one of the best I ever had!  The herbs and spices danced on my tongue, the pasta was cooked to perfection, and the sauce was divine!

As a healthy lifestyle coach, I didn’t realize that I would miss chewing regular food so much until I engaged in this fast.  I must have gone to the pantry by accident 5 times the first day of the fast and wondered why I was even fasting as I smelled the aroma of the food I was cooking for my family.  This fast was mostly spiritual and had very little to do with weight, although the flatter stomach was a nice bonus since I was consuming whole fresh juices, a few fruits, and water.   

The interesting thing is that I didn’t even get too hungry as long as I kept drinking more juice.  The micronutrients actually gave my cells what they needed.  It was mainly the HABIT of wanting to eat food that I think took over me the most.  I’m so used to snacking or eating whenever I feel like it that I didn’t realize what restraint would feel like.  Also, I was getting bored with consuming the same flavors.  Next time I need to include more variety to ease the boredom.


How Eating Food Becomes a Habit


During this juice fast I not only cleansed my body from the toxins I had accumulated for several days, but I also thought about how comfortable we are with trading in things of value for instant gratification when it comes to developing our inner being.  How easy is it for us to be patient with the process into developing in to something better than our present state?  How much will we give up in order to arrive at an elevated state of consciousness and awareness of who we are?   Those are questions that matter when we’ve made the decision to evolve into a better human being.


Benefits of a Juice Fast


I know you may be thinking that a juice fast is not for you.  You may even be thinking about how it’s going to impact you spiritually.  Perhaps you don’t even care about how it’s going to impact you spiritually.  Maybe you just want to quickly lose a few pounds and this is just one way to do it.  Or, maybe you even think that it may help heal your diabetic state, migraines, high blood pressure,  rheumatoid arthritis, or thyroid condition just to name a few.

When I previously ran my popular 30-Day detox program with a group of ladies, they told me that within a few days they noticed changes in the way their skin looked, changes in their energy, changes in their waistline, and even a renewed sense of health.  In this program I interviewed a woman who is a top certified juicelogist and she shared how her mother was healed of cancer, partially because she began to take better care of her body by consuming a wide variety of homemade freshly squeezed juices along with adding more fruit and veggies into her diet.  I also interviewed another woman who was diagnosed with cancer over 7 years ago and expressed that she alleviated all of her cancer symptoms simply because she consumed a special ingredient that I include in my smoothies.  If you’d like to know what that ingredient is check it out by clicking here.  

The point I’m making is that drenching our bodies with the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals it needs helps us to thrive.  If you think about it, why wouldn’t our body respond positively to consuming more fruits and veggies?  After all, twinkies, pizza, soda, and chips are all manmade and lack nutrients.  Even though I still eat some processed foods ( and probably always will since I don’t care to have a 100% clean diet), I don’t think our bodies were designed to thrive off of those types of foods.  Do you?   

Today, I invite you to think about how a detox can help you kickstart your own health and well-being goals.  Do you think it could help you or hurt you?  Is it even worth a try since you don’t know what to expect?  These are questions I initially had as well.  Most of us have similar questions.  If you need help with getting started I can assist you.  Join my Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook group community or contact me and I will help answer your questions and get you started on the right path so that it’s made simpler than you imagine it could be.  

Thanks for reading and share with friends who may need to revitalize their health via a juice fast!


To Our Health & Happiness,