Too many times ladies don’t understand that I have some of the SAME feelings, troubles, and dilemmas some of them have when it comes to eating healthy and exercising.  As a matter of fact, as a healthy lifestyle coach people often look to me for advice and expect me to be on my game MOST of the time.  From what I hear, not too many people want to take advice from a coach who doesn’t also exercise and eat healthy foods!


One day I had to break up with the LOVE of my life in order to be my BEST for YOU!  This LOVE was holding me back and allowing me to settle.  This LOVE was also keeping others from achieving their goals because I wasn’t in a position to share the best strategies that I had collected and learned over the years to transform my world and to help others transform theirs.  This LOVE was stifling me and after some time I decided that enough was enough.

I needed more.  I needed to get rid of this LOVE if I were to impact the world.  I needed more fulfillment than what I was receiving from this LOVE affair!  I needed to break out of my comfort zone and be more of the free spirit I naturally am!  Most of all I needed to LIVE my purpose at all costs!

My Life During the Love Affair

What I needed was to give up my LOVE Affair with EXCUSES as to why I couldn’t get into the best physical, mental and spiritual strength to be able to have a better quality of life.  You see, I CLEARLY remember when I used to get sooooo sleepy around 3pm while sitting at my meaningless corporate America job. I’d be too famished to wait until I got home to cook dinner, so I went to fast food restaurants to order a burger and fries instead. I’d get home and rest my head on the pillow to watch at least one reality t.v show instead of spending that 30 minutes to exercise.   Plus, I had small children who were in daycare and needed me to care for them the same way I would if I wasn’t working full-time outside of the home.  That was my reality back then, and it  was the same every single day.  In fact, this is the reality many of my ladies face and this is holding them hostage from reaching their full potential–Unless they reach out for help.


Too many times ladies assume that they are NEVER going to be able to reach their goals and feel like they need to keep putting things off until the time is PERFECT!  Guess what?  The time will NEVER be PERFECT.  So give up that excuse.  I’ve used it before too.


For example, just the other day when I didn’t feel like working out I almost used several excuses to get out of it.  My schedule was full of errands and appointments and there was going to be a ton of traffic going to the gym at the time I prefer to go.  So, I started to put it off until the next day.


But then I said to myself, “If I get into the habit of always putting important things off until the next day how on Earth am I ever going to make the progress I desire.”  Too many times we want the prize, but don’t want to put in the work which includes mental discipline and breaking old patterns to achieve it.


Well, since most of us busy ladies can’t seem to figure out how to include exercise in our schedules because we’re often drained, overwhelmed, have little support, and are often unappreciated I want to share a few tips I’ve utilized in my 20’s and 30’s that helped me gain some momentum in taking small simple steps to get big results.

Life After My Love Affair

I don’t want you to have to make exercise and eating healthy a chore.  In fact, even before I became a holistic health coach I was ALL about having freedom and fun while being productive.  I USED to think that eating healthy had to be boring and that creating time for consistent exercise was next to impossible while raising small children.  But now that I’ve learned how to create more time using simple strategies it’s not so mentally draining anymore and I want to share them with you in my “Driven Woman’s Guide to Squeezing in Workout Time with a Tight Schedule”.  The special nuggets I share in this eBook have transformed my life and I want to share them with you because you deserve to look and feel your best!


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I Believe in You.  Do you Believe in Yourself?


To Our Health & Happiness,