As a nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach one of the MAIN questions I get asked is what is the BEST type of food to eat for weight loss!  Many times women are at a loss of which types of foods to eat because there are just so many choices in our environment.  Often times, it is also difficult to know who to trust because food marketers have become super savvy in the way that they appeal to the masses.  It often takes a trained eye to really determine if a food label is just trying to persuasively make us think that the food is healthy, but most of the time the real issue stems from missing primary food.

Healthy food is not always ENOUGH!

Sometimes women will follow a meal plan guide like a robot and lose a small amount of weight.  But then life circumstances happen and they’re soon back to binging in front of their best reality t.v show and sometimes hating themselves!

They often hate themselves because they feel like a constant yo-yo diet failure.  They focus so much on calories and the fat, carbohydrates, and protein in their food choices in order to lose weight that they often forget to eat their primary food too!

Primary food is food that fills our soul!


This often comes in the form of quality relationships that propel us to be our best selves.

We NEED primary food because it helps us reduce emotional and stress-eating, which leads to unnecessary weight gain and health challenges.

Think back to when someone entered your life and just made you feel happy to be alive!

What did this person say to you or do for you to make you feel alive?

Did they help you through a tough period in life?

Did you seek this person out or did they seek you out?

You probably still feel amazing when you think about this positive experience!

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to attend an online fitness coaching seminar in NYC hosted by AJ Mihrzad of and I met some of the most amazing individuals EVER.  One woman in particular, Rachael Takesaka, creator of really stood out to me and almost every day since leaving the seminar she checks on me to help support and encourage me to be the BEST holistic health coach I can be.  She helps driven professionals transition from surviving to thriving and I know she must be a wonderful coach to her community because she simply listens to my frustrations, fears and joys without judgment.   She listens to what I’m saying and NOT saying.

She and others at that seminar had an impact on me that transformed my life in one of the best ways possible.   I can NEVER forget them because for one, we’ve decided to stay in touch and two, whenever I experience a shift in my life’s walk, the circumstances leading up to it always stay near and dear to my heart.

If you’d love to also experience a transformation, I encourage you to seek out more primary food while uplifting others in the process.   Not only will you lose weight and feel better in your own beautiful skin, but you’ll also elevate your soul!

I believe in you!  Do you believe in yourself?

Thanks for reading!  Tell me in the comments who is your primary food.  Then, since these individuals  may be unfamiliar with this holistic health coaching approach to weight loss share this article with friends and family.  I assure you that they will thank you for thinking of them.

To Our Health and Happiness,