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You’ve been trying to integrate a good work/life balance for years, so you can feel optimal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you progress through life’s ups and downs. You’ve done the research and tried starting over so many times, but you still come home exhausted after a long day’s work and veg out in front of the tv or social media. If you know the right things to do, why hasn’t the missing puzzle piece clicked yet?

You pray, set the intentions, read the books, discuss ideas with family and friends, and pay for personal development membership programs that you don’t use enough (or at all). Maybe you have even made vision boards featuring a carefree woman languidly relaxing on the beach, globetrotting, climbing the corporate ladder, or volunteering for your favorite charity. So, what’s the problem here? If you don’t thoroughly assess your WHY and understand your relationship with variables that affect your mindset then you may continue on that emotional rollercoaster that so many women are on when it comes to feeling amazing, while balancing a family and career that sometimes drains the energy out of you.

Trust me, I KNOW. I’VE BEEN THERE and OCCASIONALLY I still get stuck in patterns. Even though I’m not a perfect human (nor ever want to be because that would be extremely boring since I enjoy challenging the status quo and at times engaging in risk-taking behavior) I work with women everyday who also desire long-term radiant health with a body, career and lifestyle that they love. I now have a flourishing business and have the time and energy to balance family time and indulge in fun and self-care when I need and desire it. For me, the majority of the time when I’m taking care of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health it does not feel like a chore because I have experienced the rewards of doing so.

But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve been dissatisfied with my body, career, and lifestyle, and felt like I was behind on my personal and professional goals. I’ve also changed my goals as I’ve grown and matured. Sometimes when I reflect on conversations that I’ve had with others in the past I realize that what I initially thought was best for me and what I used to want for myself is no longer a priority nor a desire as I better understand my core values.

Now, I help to support other ambitious women from all walks of life all around the world who are balancing stressful careers, families and trying to achieve their own personal and professional dreams as well. As a Wellness-Based Career Consultant with both a Master’s degree in Health Science and Career Counseling, I have helped my clients time and time again exceed their short and long-term goals and find that balance they so need so they can live their optimal life. And guess what? Your family, friends, peers, nor myself do not have to approve of the vision that has beenplaced within you. I will not tell you what you absolutely “should” do in your circumstances based solely off my own belief system. I will listen, guide and ask the right open-ended questions so that you can think for yourself while also providing you with resources to help you attain those goals.

Trust me, I get it.

You have the vision for your life, and I have a listening ear, a wide network, experience, strategy and resources to help you refine what exactly that is, and manifest that career, spiritual, relationship and physical balance to get you on the path to actualizing your big picture dreams. With new clarity andthe youthful energy you forgot you had, you will be able to live your life to its greatest potential.
Let’s create that lifestyle for you together.

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Why do I eat well and exercise?

  • Because I like to look damn good in a bikini!
  • Because I feel sluggish when I don’t.
  • Because a fulfilling and quality life is important to me so that I can better enjoy my life on this physical plane.
  • Because I enjoy empowering others.

  • Because I attract positive and uplifting people.

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