“It’s too hard!”

“I just don’t know what to do!”

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING”

“I’ll NEVER lose weight!”

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach these are the exclamations I hear women make almost daily regarding their weight loss journey.  Many are on a perpetual roller coaster of dieting mania. Every time their friends begin to lose weight, or the next NEW and IMPROVED diet book comes out they are there buying MORE knowledge, but refusing to implement what they’ve already learned.

Does this sound familiar to you too?

I get that way too.  Sometimes I’m excited about starting something new and I’m so fired up to implement new ideas and then…. Life gets in the way.

I begin to place more priority over things that may not even matter that much and slowly forget the new information I was initially excited about learning.

This is EXACTLY why I stress to women who ask me how I manage to create time to work out and eat well to find a QUALITY accountability partner!  Accountability partners can be present to inquire about our daily successes, suggest quick healthy recipe ideas, help us vent our frustrations, and explore which exercises will help sculpt our body the way we desire.

But just HOW do we actually find the right type of accountability partner that will keep us motivated?

We All Need An Accountability Partner To Lean On

Here are just 2 of the MANY steps that I personally use when I’m seeking someone to help me achieve my next level of success. I give my clients this same list, and you can begin implementing these steps today as well.

Observe the individual’s personality.  Do they seem to have desirable traits that suggest that they value working efficiently and effectively to attain a goal?   Are they confrontational or a peacemaker?  Are they decisive?  What kind of feeling arises within you when you think of speaking with this person?

  1. Ask the individual about their own health journey.  How long did it take for them to be successful?  What sparked their desire to pursue a healthy lifestyle?  Have others sought out this individual for health-related challenges?  How responsive is this individual to health-related topics?  Are they passionate about health and value preserving their health or do they complain that it’s a chore?

  2. Practice being held accountable to this person for just a few days and see how responsive they are to you.  Do they follow-up or do they always seem too busy for you?  Do they make you feel better about yourself after you’ve interacted with them or do they criticize you and make you feel like you are less than a person?  Do they provide suggestions that contribute to the big picture or short-term results?

I believe you can fly–Learning to SOAR into healthy living, with the help of a health and lifestyle coach!

As a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach who has been successful in helping women rebuild their confidence and feel amazing after they’ve successfully met and exceeded their weight loss goals, I can assure you that having an accountability partner WORKS!

These often overwhelmed women initially come to me feeling hopeless and confused.  But after an exchange of ideas and customized action steps they begin to impact those around them by their healthy lifestyle choices.  And guess what?  All it took was being BOLD enough to seek out a quality, reliable accountability partner.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever approached seeking an accountability partner in this fashion and been successful with it? Comment below and share this article with other women you know who are struggling with finding the BEST type of accountability partner for their weight loss goals too.

I believe in you.  Do you believe in yourself?