Sometimes I’m totally unmotivated and don’t feel like doing ANYTHING except for lounging around and letting the day slide by.  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  Even though I have had short bursts of energy and have been giving my best energy to my current ladies that I coach I feel like I can have even more impact as a healthy lifestyle coach to even MORE women across the world.  In all actuality I’ve been feeling so LAZY!

So, here’s what I’ve been focusing on instead.  I’ve been focusing on how to develop my own self from the inside out.  I’ve been focusing on learning to love myself more and more.  I know that ultimately I will make a MUCH larger impact on the world by focusing on how to improve myself than if I continue to half-heartedly serve my community.  My passion for my work has not dissipated.  I just feel like my energy level has been lower.  When this happens it tells me that I need to slow down and make changes.  As a matter of fact, as a result of working on myself I even recently created a brand new program that teaches women how to love themselves more so that they can lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

A Transformational Course about Self-Love and Appreciation


So far, this is the most exciting course I’ve even developed because it gives me a chance to share my struggles, joys and knowledge with a select group of women who want to grow into their best selves.  It teaches women to be MORE and not to settle in any area of their life.  This is important because as we age we have a tendency to regret why we didn’t explore and take advantage of opportunities that would have brought us more meaning and fulfillment had we taken them earlier in life.  Lately, I’ve been thinking that maybe not taking some of those opportunities are actually ok.  Maybe they only seemed like the best opportunity at the moment, but in actuality would’ve led to our destruction.  Maybe our best opportunities are happening right now.  Maybe right now is the best time to reflect, plan and take advantage of new opportunities that are presented to us.

Even though my life has not been perfect I prefer not to live a life of regret because I know that each experience I’ve had, whether good or bad led me to where I am today and I’m extremely grateful for the present moment.  I know that the challenges I could face in the future are only setting me up for an even better life!  I also know that my experiences will help other ladies who experience similar events.

One activity the ladies in this Be More Don’t Settle program are engaging in is to spend at least 5 minutes a day writing down their thoughts in a journal while listening to music.  This doesn’t even have to be meditative music.  It just needs to be music that awakens their soul.  This will differ from person to person.  The purpose of this activity is to create an outlet that allows us to return back to the journal later and notice our growth as we learn more about ourselves.  Too often we have a tendency to forget where we started before beginning a transitional stage in our lives.  We’re often looking forward to the next project, idea, or task and forget to celebrate how far we’ve traveled.

Today, think about the last time you’ve slowed down just a bit, reflected on your progress and changed at least one thing about your daily routine to set you up for the best success.  If it’s been a while take a few minutes today to do just that.  Don’t procrastinate and start this weekend because you may never get around to it.  Start today.

I’m sincerely hoping that whether or not you decide to work with me as your healthy lifestyle coach that you will begin to engage in the intrinsic work that is necessary for you to move on to becoming your best self.  You can even join my supportive Nutrition 4 Busy Women Facebook community if you need a strong network of positive, likeminded women to help support your journey.  Be selfless and share this article with friends and family you believe can also benefit from genuine encouragement to flourish into their best self.

Thanks for reading!

To Our Health & Happiness,